Three Things Thursday!

Quick Three Things Thursday because I kind of have more important matters than writing a blog post right now (yay procrastinating).

Thing 1 – Oh look, another research paper

I have a final paper due tomorrow for my grad school course. This is the last paper of the course and I am already “passing” the course, so I am so not in the mood to write the paper. It is pretty much a glorified literature review, so it is also a fairly boring paper to write. I read many, many, many journal articles last night on ADHD and Sports. Max also added his input by scribbling all over my notes with a pencil. I read articles via my iPad, which makes things a bit easier. When I have to write my weekly discussion posts I will have the articles on the iPad and use my computer for typing. Works really well!

photo 2 (8)


Thing #2 – Look, no socks!

For the past couple of days I have been wearing flats at work, with no socks! I still wear boots (not always the Sorels) to school for driving. I am thinking another couple of weeks and I can say goodbye to the winter jacket and sorel boots for another season. Last week, looking at Monday’s sunny and warm forecast, I had declared ‘Capri/shorts day’ at work. But I didn’t go in because Max was sick. One of my co-workers still participated, lol!

photo 1 (9)


Thing #3 – 8K Run + Baggage/transportation selection

I had all intentions of running 12K yesterday but had to cut it short when it became apparent that a potty break was needed. It was really windy yesterday and the first 4K of my run was fighting the wind. I’m sure I looked funny because I felt like I was leaning into the wind. The last 4K, there was no wind and it was beautiful out. BUT – the sidewalks were almost completely covered in deep puddles and slushy-ice sections. Not cool! Well my feet were because I got really wet. Right when I got to the point where I could turn left to keep going or right to go home, I chose right because the tummy was “doing its thing”. At least in race situations there are portapotties….

NYC Marathon News – It is now possible to select your baggage and transportation options! You can choose bag or no bag. Bag option means you get a bag to take to the start line, you drop it off and then you pick it up at the end of the race in Central Park. BUT – that process takes a million years. If you select no bag, you can take stuff into the village with you, but nothing will return (so thing food/drink you can dispose of and throw away layers). When you finish, you go into a no baggage chute and get a really cool poncho at the end of the race. Because P and Max will be in NYC with me, there is no need for me to have a bag. The transportation option is bus from the NYC library or the Staten Island Ferry. The NYRR people give you times based on your finishing time (mine is estimated at 4:30) – so because I signed up right away, I was able to pick a later time at 7:45am. I was worried that I would have to book it on the subway at 5am, but now get to sleep in (a bit).

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Good luck with your research paper!!

  2. Nicole

    Woohoo no socks!! Soon I will be able to do that! I do enjoy my tall boots though. I probably won’t officially put my boots away until June!

    What did we do before iPads and iPhones? Gotta love technology!

    That’s great that you get to sleep in for NYM! That’s the one thing I hate about racing!

  3. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    The weather finally seems to be getting a little better over here, too – very happy about that! Maybe not so much that I could wear capris, but one day haha.


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