Spectating at the Ottawa Race Weekend 10K

Happy Sunday!

I have completed my second half marathon and I PB’d!  I will have a race recap in a couple days as a proposal is due for grad school and I kind of need to work on that. Plus I want to wait for the race pictures since I totally posed for one of them….

Briefly – a good race. Lots of crowds and a fairly decent route. The weather was “nice” but because most of us had very little training in hot weather, it was brutal at the same time. I was hot 2K in and really had a tough time for the last 5K (as did everyone from what I’ve heard). My leg is fine, I had ZERO GI issues and overall ran a pretty good race. I know I can get below 2:15 though – I just have to run a bit more in training 😉


Last night was the Ottawa Race Weekend 2K, 5K and 10K. The 2K and the 5K was moved up about an hour earlier than previous years, so we missed out on that. We did manage to get downtown in time for the 10K. It was so much fun!  Max was a bit of a handful though!  I had made a sign that said “You’re done running when I say you’re done” which is a quote I altered from Breaking Bad. Of course I put a picture of Heisenburg on it for good measure. I definitely got lots of LOLs, smiles and points for my sign!


The elites went by super fast. It is always neat to watch them run. I yelled at Lanni Marchant and took a picture of her, which was favorited by her and I think her family on twitter. Cool!






After the elites, there was a pause and then the trickle of people that run sub-45’s came in. I noticed a few Ottawa Lions people and yelled at them. Then the rush came. It is pretty freaky watching that rush as the whole street is just covered with people! We had to hold Max back at this point. I saw so many people, including some CW students, Coach Clancy (who yelled AT ME), Ashley and some others. I didn’t get to see Reba (coaching friend) and some others I was hoping to see. Oh well!


After a break in the crowd, P and Max went to run around on the grass by the canal and I went to Pretoria Street Bridge. I found a nice spot on a median to sit and watch the 40-60 minute runners go by. Big different from the 1K mark to the 8.5K mark – less smiling, more sweating!


Soon, it was time to go home!  It was fun spectating, especially where we were on Queen Elizabeth because it wasn’t as crazy as downtown! I highly recommend it if you ever want to spectate the races!


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  1. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    Haha love the sign! Unique signs are so fun to read while you’re running.
    Lisa from Lulu’s Big Adventure recently posted…Internal Medicine: First ImpressionsMy Profile

  2. crystal

    I love hanging on the sidelines watching races! So motivating and inspiring. Great pics!
    crystal recently posted…Guest Post: Touch the Ground by ReneeMy Profile


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