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Thanks for all your comments on the blog and on twitter about the Ottawa Half Marathon – I think a bunch of us have already decided to run the 10K next year. Also, apparently I am to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon in 2015 as determined by tweets with Carmy (can’t participate this year due to NYC). But those events are quite far away.

This week, I am taking the week off of running and just doing some cross training at Goodlife Gym. Today I have plans to work on my arms and do some cardio. I have a massage therapy appointment for 3:30 to fix my back though. I realized at the 10K mark that I was running a bit off to the side. I quickly corrected my posture, but I knew I would have some issues because of that. My spine is curved a bit and every once and awhile, I need to fix my right back/shoulder area.

The good thing about have a gym membership at Goodlife right now, is there are tons of physical activities that can be done that doesn’t involve running (or working out my still DOMS sore legs). Although I only have about 40 minutes to spend at the gym today, and will just do some light cardio and weights – I can also participate in a class (I need to go to Body Flow soon!) or go to a location that has a pool and do some pool running. For some running training plans (like the run less plans) that only have you run 3-4 times a week, they want you to have cross-training on the non-running days, as well as in a good training plan, a strength building workout should be put into any plan.

What is next in terms of running?


The big plan is that marathon training is to start the first week of July! It is a long 17-18 week training plan that I still have to develop. Most plans require 5 days of running, but that is a bit hard for me (although way easier in the summer). I have to still look at a few plans, talk to some marathon coaches and work out a plan before training. I think I have found one training schedule that works – but I still have time to work it out.

In the meantime I have registered for a 5K next week in Mississauga, The Bread and Honey 5K. There is a 15K race as well – but I’m not really up for that so soon after a half marathon. I have still yet to decide if I am going to run another race after that – I am thinking Emilie’s Run or the Canada Day Run. If I PB in the 5K next weekend, I will call it a day and concentrate on running the 10K on the Canada Day Race. I am probably going to do the Canada Day race because that would count as long run #1.

After that, it is just the B&O Yorkville 5K (which I will be adding some KM’s) and Army Run Half. The Army Run half is at a convienet weekend where I should be running 18 miles – so 13ish miles covered in the race and probably 3 miles before and 2 miles after – Done! I’m still scared of that 20 mile run in the schedule though!

I saw my official race photos from the Ottawa Half Marathon. The only picture that I am “running” in is me at a water station drinking a cup of water – WHAT THE HELL? Stupidest positioning of a camera ever. Everyone is walking and drinking in the picture and could you imagine if I was slurping back a GU gel? There are no other race photos. I’m pretty disappointed. I did end up purchasing the finish area photo (since it was a nice photo) and the HD video because I cannot stop laughing. They put a video camera at the 19K/40K area and it is so bad that it is amusing. Everyone looks exhausted, people are walking, and I do not even want to comment on my “running form”. But, that is about as close as you are going to get for a race photo.



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  1. Mary

    You should totally do the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon in 2015 – I LOVED that race so much in 2013 and recommend it to anyone – they don’t lie when they say flat and fast and October was perfect for a half (training before hand and for the race itself).

    I might be doing Emilie’s Run 5km and the Canada Day Run – can’t decide if I will do the 5km or 10km that day though.
    Mary recently posted…One Year Later – 2013 Ottawa Race WeekendMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      STWM should be fun! It is easy for me to do a Toronto race since my parents live in Mississauga. I probably just won’t run Army Run.

      I am still thinking about Emilie’s Run since it is fast – but if I PB next week, I probably will just skip out on it again. I’m also going to see what my friend Reba decides to run as having someone I know that is fast run the race means I might try and keep up!

      1. Mary

        I see her at a lot of races – I always try to keep up with her but haven’t managed to yet!!
        Mary recently posted…One Year Later – 2013 Ottawa Race WeekendMy Profile

  2. Carmy

    Tomorrow this agreement will be solidified on my blog too 😉 Hahaha. I really need a gym ): I usually use my school gym but their lack of squat racks is super depressing.

    Can you imagine if they got a picture of runners accidentally spilling water on themselves? That could go viral for them! I rarely buy photos they take because sometimes I feel as if the photos could have been taken by a camera on a tripod on shuttle because they are seriously unflattering some times. If you looked at the Sporting Life 10K in Toronto, the photos looked pretty bad (in my opinion) but the photos that were taken for Canadian Running Magazine? Those were GORGEOUS. Luckily I stalk these magazine’s photo posts and found a beautiful one of my friend (and his amazing stride!) and it looked 100x better than the ones from the race photographer imo.
    Carmy recently posted…StrideBox Unboxing!! (May 2014)My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      The Canadian Running magazine put some Ottawa Race weekend pictures up and they were so nice! But sadly none of me 🙁

      haha can’t wait to see your post tomorrow 😉

  3. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    It’s always so disappointing when there are no good race photos. But the finish photo is beautiful! Congrats 🙂
    Lisa from Lulu’s Big Adventure recently posted…Road Trip from Canada to France: Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (Part Two)My Profile


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