NYC Marathon: Pre-Training Week 2

This past week has not been the most active week for any type of training. A combination of end-of-school year events and the fact that my leg is still being difficult meant I had limited physical activity. I am supposed to be on week 1 of Marathon training this week – but will probably delay things by about a week. I have a doctor’s appointment tonight to get the ball rolling on what is up with the lower left leg. Right now it isn’t hurting at all – and has been ‘fine’ all weekend. But the moment I start to run – I can feel the leg get tight again. So lets see what happens!

Pre-Training Workout 1

I have been focusing on running form and just easing back into things after a half-marathon. I had a slow run to a couple of parks in my area to find the perfect shady spot to go through a couple of running drills. Basically ran about 1KM to find the perfect spot. I ended up on a nice section of path surrounded by trees. I went through a series of drills (A’s, B’s – that sort of thing). When I finished I set out to run my usual 3K route – but just cut the run a bit short because I had already ran a KM. Nice and easy. I have been finding that if I warm up a bit – the leg doesn’t bother me as much. However – I noticed when I was demoing some stuff at track – that it was hurting again. *Sigh*

After that workout – I did not run at all until Sunday. It has been a couple of really busy days!

Pre-Training Workout 2

Ok – so not much of a ‘structured’ workout – but I had a track meet on Sunday and was helping out with the hurdles. We have to set up the hurdles and then take them of again. It is stretching it a bit to call this a workout – but it does involve some lifting 🙂 I also had to help put the high jump mat’s cover on which was pushing this big trailer-like thing over the mat and lift the door over the mat. After the meet, I drove to the path by my house to get a little shaded run in to see how my leg was. Same issue – some muscle tightness. But no “pain”. It was nice to get a short run in though!


I do think the focus on my marathon training is to make sure I get some cross-training in. Luckily summer training means I can easily hop on the bike and go biking rather than running. No need for a gym membership! Hopefully this week I will figure out what is going on with my leg. Going to the Doctor’s will hopefully allow for some referrals to a sports doc/physio or massage therapy.



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