NYC Marathon Training: Pre-training week 1

The time has almost come to start marathon training! My training plan for the NYC Marathon is an 18-week plan with runs happening 3-4 times a week and strength/cross training during other days. Currently I am in “pre-training period” mode as I want to give my legs a big rest before I head down this long path but still staying active so that when I start running my legs haven’t fully forgotten how to work properly.

I am still working on the actual numbers/KM-counts of my training plan – Knowing that I have more time in the summer, I will probably create a 4 running days a week plan: 2 steady runs, 1 long run, and a tempo/hills/speed workout. I will also add some strength training in the plan. I’m also going to wager a guess that once school starts up again, I will be back to running 3x a week (depending on where I am placed).

Last week I had an easy week consisting of some circuit training, a friendly dodgeball game at the school I worked at last semester and one night at the track. Although I did NOT complete speed work at the track. Rather I did the following:

800m warm-up around the track

Dynamic drills and various arm/leg drills (see this post to see what I’m talking about)

20m of the following: Walking/Skipping/Running A’s, Walking/Skipping B’s and C’s (butt kicks)

15 minutes of light and easy running around the track, the track complex and around the roads surrounding the track

Various abs/leg drills: lunges (regular, sumo and prisoner), planks, push-ups (regular, incline), and abs like toe touchers, Supermans, crunches.


It may not look like much – but basically I am trying to work on my running form. I saw a picture of my Bread and Honey 5K race that sort of showed what my lower leg/ankle does once it strikes the ground and moves back up  – it twists. I also know that I tend to be a heel-striker. These two running form issues tend to lead into shin splints, which is what bugged me during half marathon training. Couple this with my chronic lack of warming-up and going too fast – it is no wonder my left leg went off a bit. So, I am trying to work through some of the drills/work-outs that I use with my track team. I might have to video myself running using my Coaching app so I can see what I’m doing!

There are a few rules that I am setting for myself for the NYC training period:

– Don’t be afraid to eat salad/veggies – except right before long runs

– Take multi-vitamins

– Warm-up before going out on a run and complete running drills

– Do not ramp up the mileage too fast – don’t worry if you skip a week

– Don’t even think about running fast on the track

– Don’t be lazy (so hard – as I tend to be so lazy)

This week I shall partake in another few short 15-20 minute runs with some more running drills and strength exercises. Nothing too extensive, nothing too crazy. Marathon training starts next week!


What running training rules do you have?

Are you aware of your running form?


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  1. Carmy

    Good luck with your training! I always get such a guilty feeling when my mileage dips/I skip a run. I kinda regret not skipping my Sunday run since my body was still aching from Friday’s race 🙁
    Carmy recently posted…Guest Post: How To Improve Your Speed!My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I try to not feel guilty – but it happens

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I’m working on not ramping up my mileage too much so far since I’m coming back from injury. I’m pretty sure my running form is horrible…and I should go work on that. Good luck with your training!!
    Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom recently posted…The Great Adventure: Blue John Mines and Chatsworth HouseMy Profile

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Haha I’m really bad for being lazy, too. Good luck with the training!! Can’t wait to follow along 🙂
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Learning about the Sex Trade Industry in NewfoundlandMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m so busy – yet so lazy 🙂

  4. Randy

    Ramping up the mileage too quickly can definitely lead to shin splints. No sense going through that again, so glad you’re making adjustments to your training regimentas you go…
    Randy recently posted…Chi RunningMy Profile


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