Thinking Out Loud Thursday #12

Happy Thursday!


I am home for a bit today, so I can resume Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons




#1 Oiselle

Reading various blogs and tweets allows one to be introduced to many different products and brands out there. Sometimes I just ignore what everyone is raving about, but sometimes I jump on the bandwagon. I’ve wanted to purchase Oiselle clothes for some time, but the clothes are rather pricey and whenever there was a sale, my size was always out. A couple of weeks ago, I was in luck – a sale and enough stock. I purchased a Winona tank, Earn your Stripes long sleeve, and Go Mac crew neck t-shirt. There was a discount plus free shipping (although shipping is only $5 normally). BUT – when I saw that UPS was the delivery method of choice, I had a hunch I would be hit with duty. I was – $27 worth of duty. I basically saved almost that amount, but still. Usually when I go to the states and return directly after I have to pay GST/PST (or HST in some provinces), but the amount I paid was more than that. Makes me think the next time I order Oiselle I just mail it to the UPS store across the border (I live 50 minutes away) and drive down to pick it up. Other than that, the clothes look really nice. I’ve tried everything on. The t-shirt and long sleeved shirt fit well, but the tank is a little tight, as I do have a tummy. Next time I think I will order a medium.


#2 Long Bus Ride

Tomorrow I will be heading to Windsor with the track team. It takes a minimum of 8 hours to get there. 8 hours on a bus! Hopefully we get there in good time. I’m glad that I am not driving though. Plus – we will be watching movies so the time should pass. The way back is broken up for those of us continuing to travel into Monday as we are going to Wonderland in Toronto, so that won’t be too bad.

#3 Chariot Running

I took Max on his first chariot ride of the season the other day. I do not like taking him in the stroller as he is over 30lbs and it adds an extra component to my workout that I just do not want to do. Running with the chariot is also limited to 3-6KM. I cannot do a long run with the chariot. The run the other day was 5K and was not too terrible. Going up and down hills is the more interesting part as I fly going down and can barely run going up the hill. It is also harder for me to fix my gait and I noticed that my shins were not liking chariot running so much. I do have to run another 5-6K today with Max, so the name of the game will be “keep it slow”.


#4 Ironman Volunteering

We were at Mont Tremblant yesterday for a bit and I noticed all the Ironman signs and posters up. There was also a huge electronic road sign that noted that people were training on the roads and to be cautious of that. P and I talked that it might be fun to volunteer at an Ironman competition. To be clear, it would be to volunteer, not to volunteer and then sign up for an Ironman (which is something that people do?). No way am I competing in an Ironman! But that doesn’t mean I do not like the event and want to participate in some way. Maybe next year?

#5 24: Then and Now

We have been watching Season 1 of 24 and the current season (24: Live another Day) at the same time. 24LAD just finished its season, which makes me sad. It was a great, action-packed series – but short at only 12 episodes. It has been interesting watching the two seasons. Jack Bauer is totally different from season 1 to season 9. Kiefer Sutherland is also so young looking (and sports blond hair) and somewhat innocent. We are almost finished season 1, with just a couple of episodes to go. I know what happens at the end of the season, but P does not.

#6 Fireman Sam

Max really likes Fireman Sam which is available on Netflix. There are two versions, stop-motion and CGI. The characters are essentially the same, but act a bit differently in the CGI. Most noticeable is that the ‘naughty’ kid, Norman Price is SUPER annoying in the CGI version. Actually, most of the characters are more annoying in the CGI version. Although I would rather watch Fireman Sam any day over Dora the Explorer….

#7 Hips and Glutes

I just finished reading Janae’s blog post for today – seems like someone also has hips/glutes issues too. Janae said it could be a result of pregnancy/delivering which makes sense. I remember the first few runs after delivering Max and how awkward it was at first to run again. Pregnancy definitely does a number!


Have a fantastic Thursday!

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  1. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    I have been wanting to try Oiselle clothing. One of our local running stores carries a ton of it, so I don’t know why I haven’t just spent a minute or two trying on different styles. That will be my goal this month. I LOVE 24. In fact, my husband and I spent the last year watching every episode since season 1 leading up to this new season (which I loved). I was sad there was only 12 episodes. I wonder if they will have another season?? I think it would be super fun to volunteer at an Ironman event!
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Three Weeks Until Ironman 70.3 Lake StevensMy Profile

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Oiselle looks like a great brand; I’ve never tried it!
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Friends & Fun Times in BarcelonaMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Wore all three shirts this weekend and they were really nice – very comfy too!


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