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Happy Wednesday!

I’m typing on a super fancy new iMac in my school’s computer lab while I waste some time before picking up Max. I am teaching Communications Tech this semester, which essentially is a Photoshop/Photography/Video course. So rather than prepping power points and handouts for my classes, I am spending some quality time with Photoshop, Aperture and my DSLR again. I do say that I have been enjoying prepping for my classes a bit more! Hopefully that means we see some fancier images and stuff on the website since I have the time to work on the computer. BUT – like any start of the semester, I have been busy. My teacher planner for my one class schedule last semester only had a few notes per day. Now compare that to my now two class schedule (with lots of activities within each class) planner notes.


Being busy with school and also now finishing up later in the day (3:30 vs. 2:45) means that I have to squeeze in workouts when I can. Finishing work at 3pm last semester was great since I could easily go to the Gym that was across the street and get a quality workout in before having to run to the daycare. Now, I am 10 minutes from the gym and have less time. Right now I teach either periods 2 and 3 or periods 1 and 4 – meaning that every other day, I have a 3.5 hour break. I do have to be at the school for at least 60 minutes, but the rest of the time is free time. I also run with the run club during lunch, although those runs are no more than 4K because of timing.

I almost always have a gym bag packed with gym clothes and running shoes in my car, even if I don’t fully know my schedule. I have been going to the gym on my big gap days from 11am-12:15 to get my runs/strength workouts in and then heading back to school for lunch/planning time. Sometimes, I race from school to the gym to get a 30 minute run in after school. Eventually, I will just put on my winter gear and head outside for a run. Once spring hits, I really have no excuses to not hitting up the path at some point during the day.

Here are some of my tips for getting your workout in:



1. Self explanatory – but having a gym bag ready with your fitness necessities makes it easy to get a workout in (at a gym or not) if you have a spare 30-40 minutes. Sometimes I even have outdoor gear ready

2. Staying full and hydrated – Are you ever so hungry after work/school that you just want to go to McD’s and have a Big Mac instead? Ok, maybe that is just me, but if I’m hungry after school, I am less likely to want to go out and run. I have lots of snacks ready at school so I am happy and full. Water is also really important, especially when it starts to get warm out again.

3. Making plans with others means you are accountable and more likely to have fun while working out. Have a run club at work/school, go to a yoga class and make it an evening.

4. Schedule it in. I think one of the big reasons why marathon training went so well is because I actually sat down and planned workouts. I knew when I could run and scheduled it into my day. You can also sign up for a fitness class and make it part of your weekly routine.

5. Don’t make any excuses – just go! Even if you are tired and cranky, odds are, you will feel tons better if you go and sweat it out for a bit.

What are some of your tips? 

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  1. Nicole

    Great tips!! Must be nice to get a workout in mid-day!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      It is! I do like my big gap days. Working full-time again one day will be a bit of a shock 😉

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Good call on the snacks! I’ve fallen prey to the post-work hunger more than once and have skipped my run (or postponed it) 🙂
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Back to Africa (Part One)My Profile


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