The Time I was passed by Lanni Marchant

Another post for Friday! Woozer!

On “Track Thursdays”, I coach two different practices and also get my own track workout in. I coach at the indoor dome here in Ottawa at 5:30, but I’m allowed to run on the track starting just before 5pm (we have access at 5pm – so I do warm up stuff before then). I generally get in some 400s, 800s, or 1000s – depending on my mood. Right now I’ve been favoring running 4x800m. So, last night I decided to run 4x800m.

I arrived at the track, did my usual chitchat with some of the club staff and went in to drop off my stuff where my track group meets. As I was walking up the track, I noticed two runners running down the 100m stretch of the track. I recognized the female runner right away as the one and only, Lanni Marchant. For those who don’t know who she is (and why don’t you?) she is the current Canadian record holder of the marathon and pretty much my running idol. As soon as I realized that it was her, I think my heart stopped and my mouth might have dropped open.

It looked like she was doing one of her track workouts that she describes in this article in Training and Fitness. I’m not sure what she is doing in Ottawa, but I am pretty sure she used to live here while attending law school (that’s right, she is a lawyer!). Anyways, as much as I would have liked to just sit and watch her work out, this was my last chance to get in some 800s before Around the Bay since I am missing in action from track for the next couple of weeks. So, off I went. The track was pretty empty at this point, minus a few other runners.

I did some warm up laps, but then went to the start line. I have been doing the 800’s in about 4:00, sometimes a bit less. Yesterday, I ran them in the following times:





I did my usual 2:00 rest in between each, and was pretty surprised that I could hit around 3:30 each time. During my second 800, I heard this heavy breathing and approaching footsteps behind me and boom, Lanni passes right by me in the middle of a 400m interval. Again, I died inside and silently screamed, but kept going. Anyways, I continued on my workout, running a bit faster than normal. It was really, really cool sharing the track with Lanni! She is my favorite runner and definitely an inspiration. As mentioned above, not only is she an elite athlete, but a lawyer as well. She also loves her beer + burgers after a race, a practice I definitely adopted from her. Sharing the track with her definitely made my day/week/month.

No – I did not say hi or anything else to her. She was looking pretty intense and concentrating on her workout. At one point, while she was getting ready to leave, I guess I could have said something – but nope, I was a bit too chicken. I’m sure there will be another opportunity another day 🙂 I’m hoping she is running the 10K again for TORW. This is her running it last year – back when I was cheering on the 10K and people around me were looking at me weird because I knew most of the top pack runners.


For those interested – Lanni will be running the NYC Half on the 15th! 

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  1. CathyV

    That’s so fun! I can’t even imagine how fast she would be in the lane next to me. I am sure I’d feel like I was standing still 🙂 Definitely one of my running inspirations as well.
    CathyV recently posted…Green smoothie bonanza!My Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I was running 1:40 400s and she was zooming past me. Maybe doing 1:15 or so? Crazy fast!

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Hahaha I’d probably be too chicken to say something too. Next time!
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Match Day ResultsMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      She said to say hi next time – 😀

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