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When I first started teaching in Toronto, all those years ago, I had the opportunity to start coaching track and field. This was definitely a dream come true and a bit of a full circle moment since I competed in track during my high school days. I coached a team in Toronto, along with a few other teachers. My team was pretty heavy on middle distance running, with several athletes competing in competitive clubs as well. They were really into team spirit and during the meets, they wore knee high socks to stand out.

They were pretty ahead of the game, because in the coming years a new running trend would appear – compression socks! I had no idea what compression socks were back in the day, but now I wear them regularly. I tend to wear compression socks or sleeves during runs beyond 10K. I’ve also worn them in my half marathon races, as well as on marathon day. I have worn them while travelling back from races too – I swear they made my 8 hour drive home from NYC more comfortable. Compression socks are meant to be worn, not as part of running outfit, but to improve performance, reduce muscle fatigue and help you recover faster. I definitely did not have many incidents of DOMS or cramps during any of my long runs or races!


There are a number of brands out there that sell compression socks. I was asked to review a pair of Tiux Compression socks. I’ve worn a few pairs of compression socks over the years, and I do have to say I enjoyed wearing Tiux socks. There is one brand of compression socks that I used to wear but don’t any more because they gave me blisters, which is so not good. The first thing I noticed when I received the socks was the padded footbed on the bottom of the socks. I really liked this feature as with continuous pounding of my feet on pavement means that my feet get fairly sore. When I tried on the socks, they fit really well – not too tight but just enough compression. One of the problems with my other compression socks, is I feel like they bunch up in certain spots, despite picking the right size for my feet. The Tiux socks fit perfectly, which meant no blisters! I still need to go on a decent long run in the next few weeks, so I will be trying these socks out on a longer run soon to see how they measure up. That and hopefully I can take some pictures of me RUNNING in the socks if spring will ever get here!


A few things that are different about Tiux: they offer free shipping to US/Canadian customers, have no physical stores or professional athlete endorsements. They are a company that does pretty much all the business stuff  themselves – no wholesalers or distributors. Unlike some of the bigger brands, they don’t have all the crazy patterns/designs that others have – but they do have pink, black and a neon green. It really depends if you want to spend the money on pretty socks or functionality. I will chose a plain compression sock that doesn’t cause blisters any day. The socks are currently on pre-order, so if you would like to pick up a pair, visit their order page for more information.

To learn more, visit their website or give them a like/follow on their social media pages:






Disclosure: I was given a pair of Tiux Compression socks to try. I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are my own. 

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