Training Report 04/13/15-04/19/15

Happy Monday!


Well – this past week did not go as planned. I knew it would be a bit wonky because of the conference in Toronto, but of course I got sick at the same time. It seems like I’ve joined the group of runners who seem to be getting over a bad cold. Hopefully the last of the winter season!.


Training April 13-19, 2015


Monday April 13 – Nothing!  

I got stuck with an on-call during the day and had to go to the post office after work. So, no time for a run.


Tuesday April 14 – 5K in 27:30

I finished my report card writing a bit before lunch, so I managed to get a 5K in during the late morning. It was a great run. It was sunny, on the Ottawa River Path and I felt great. I ran my usual path route which is an out-and-back. I ran at a steady pace, which is around 5:30ish right now.

Wednesday April 15 – 2 mile run + weights

Max and I went to GoodLife for our usual Wednesday, late afternoon gym date. I ran one mile, did a bunch of arm weights (lat pull downs, rows, fly’s) and 30 squats with 2x15lb dumbells. I then finished up with another mile, done slightly faster. I ran the first mile in 9:55 and the second in 9:40. I also hit up the massage chair after. Max was having too much fun with a couple of kids in the daycare and did not want to go home.

Thursday April 16 – Nothing

I had a plan to go out running at 10:30am. I had more than enough time to run, go home and shower and head to the airport. But, as soon as I got to school I didn’t feel so good. My eyes were burning, I felt sick and a bit loopy. I figured it was time for my allergies to be kicking in. But nope, it was a full blown cold by the evening. It was definitely NOT fun to sit in a 2.5 hour debate when your throat is on fire and you cannot bring water into the auditorium. I had a glass of wine at the reception after and that didn’t go down so well either. I was back at the hotel fairly early.

Friday April 17 – Nothing

Still not feeling great, but feeling better. Unfortunately, with a full day conference and travelling – no time for a run. It was really nice out though!

Saturday April 18 – Nothing

I was home alone with Max all day – both of us were sick! Great!

Sunday April 19 – 6K in 40:00

Long run day. Well, 6K was about as far as I was getting. Still not 100%, but feeling better so I went out for a run. My legs/GI system felt 110% but my upper body was screaming “HEY LADY – JUST LEAVE US ALONE AND WATCH THE NETFLIX!”. Oh man, was it brutal. I had to stop a couple of times, not because my legs hurt (not at all) but because my head/respiratory system were having none of this running business. I did manage to get 6K done in a fairly steady pace. It was really nice out, which was again, disappointing. I also felt like I could have run all day. Darn!



Another “average” week in mileage, so it isn’t like I really missed much. Next week I am pacing the 5 miler/8K at the Manotick Miler at 6:00/km, and I am more than confident that I can pace that without a problem. Last year I remember finding it really difficult to run at that pace for a long time – this year I know I could run at that pace. I’m purposefully starting to slow down during long runs, which is what you are supposed to do anyways. I’m hoping to maybe get one more longer run in this week. I do think I’m going to have to add some KM after Manotick Miler next week though. I also have to start practicing the “double run” as I have about 5-6 weeks before TORW when I’m running two races back to back (with a 2 hours  break). I also have the Sporting Life 10K coming up too – which is why I want to add some KM in next weekend. Again, not an issue of getting to 10K, but more how fast I want to be.

Oh – and being sick sucks!









And anyone else I missed!


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  1. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Sorry you haven’t been feeling well! Hope you perk up soon 🙂
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