One of the common questions I read when filling out blogger questionnaire or applying to be a race ambassador is “why did you begin running”. For me, although I know the reason why I started running (I was bored), I do not remember the exact moment I opened up my door and went for a run. It took awhile to get hooked on running. I wore cotton shirts, trainers and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Honestly, I am not sure I even knew that a marathon was 42.2KM. Eventually I signed up for a race, purchased my first pair of properly fitted shoes and two years later, bought my Garmin watch. Everyone begins somewhere – for me, it was simply running a KM or two in my neighbourhood and eventually signing up for a 5K. For some people, it could be joining a recreational sport team, signing up for swimming lessons, or even joining a gym.

Currently, GoodLife Fitness is sharing stories about the reasons people have chosen to start on a new fitness/lifestyle goal. The first story is about Chris – someone who I know on Twitter and in the parenting-blog world. He is a super fun guy, who regularly discusses his daily adventures with his two “cute as a button” children. Chris is from Ottawa and recently ran the Army Run 5K. He was one of the runners I was trying to find when I went on the route to cheer. Sadly, I did not see him run by, but he did great. Chris is focused on being a more healthy person, both for himself and for his family. To hear more about Chris’ story, watch his video:



If you are interested in starting your own fitness journey and want to give GoodLife a try – they are currently offering a 3-day trial. If interested, sign up here. Try out the cardio equipment, lift some weights or take part in a class (I strongly suggest BodyFlow!).


This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own

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