Marathon Monday #STWM – The Plan

Happy Monday!

I’m a little tired from all the OFSAA festivities – more about all the track and field adventures tomorrow. Monday seems to be the typical day that I post about all my training, so Monday’s from now until October will now be “Marathon Mondays”.

This weekend I finished creating my training plan for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. It is currently an 18 week plan as I am considering this weekend’s Nike Toronto 15K run my first long run. Depending on my left leg muscles, I will just continue with light running for the next couple of weeks and then jump a bit more into training at the end of June. Creating this plan was a bit more of a struggle. I had to consider several scheduling problems in creating my plan. Luckily, the biggest scheduling issues come in July when I’m not putting too many KM’s in. September is looking busy!

My plan is just an updated plan from the one I used for the NYC Marathon. I have added once a week strength training and stuck with running 4x a week. Hill training has less of an emphasis this time because quite frankly, there are no hills on the STWM route. If you look at the elevation chart (can be found here) – you will see a big “hill” in the beginning of the course. Since I was staying only one block away from the start line, I walked up this “hill” several times. I’ve also run up the hill in a 5K race before. It isn’t a hill, especially when you compare it to the very bridge-heavy NYC marathon.

The STWM Training Plan

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 9.04.56 PM


Hopefully all the numbers add up here. But – as you can see, I have four runs a week:

– Steady Run

– Long Run

– Hill run (for the most part)

– Tempo Run

You will probably also notice a bit of a week couple of weeks in the end of July with a few “pool running” sessions. That will be when I’m in California in a town where no one seems to run. There are a whole pile of reasons why running will be difficult during those weeks – weather, Max, safety. So, pool running seems to be the next best option. I have managed to plan my long runs for those two weeks when I’m in Ottawa. After that, things are pretty much back to normal. The only concern I have right now, is that I have no idea where I will be teaching, which could alter things. Max will be at more of a pre-school type daycare with extended hours, so I should be able to get all those runs in without too much of an issue. I also purposefully planned those runs (which have to happen after school) on Tuesday/Thursday so that P can pick up Max if needed.

If you are wondering – the Beer 15K is the Ottawa Beer Run 😉

So there is the plan! I’m less scared of all the time I will be running this year than last. I know it is totally workable and I’ve been trying to stick to running 3-4 times a week all spring to get myself ready for marathon training. Now if only my leg will stop being silly!

What do you think of my plan?

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Best of luck! I’m sure it will go great 🙂
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