STWM Training – Week 1

Now that marathon training season is here – it is now time to return to “Marathon Monday Training Reports”. I feel like I only finished the NYC Marathon version of these last month. Every week from now until October 18th, I will detail my workouts from the previous week. Hopefully no more hiccups!

STWM Training – Week 1

Sunday – Nike Toronto 15K

Ok, so technically this was “last week” but I don’t think one day matters, so I am calling the Nike 15K the first long run of the cycle. You can read my report here.


Monday -Rest

Tuesday – Body Weight Workout

No running today, so I did the following:

30 push ups

30 glute bridges

3 1:00 planks

30 bicycle crunches

I did not do all 30 in a row, but alternated between each after 10.

Wednesday – 3K run in 19:00

This week’s mileage maxed out at 21KM, so I only had two 3K runs on the agenda. This one was done after work on the first day of exams. Nothing too special with this run, but as I noted on Thursday’s post: do not eat a yogurt and a pepperoni stick an hour before going out to run. It was awful. The pepperoni stick almost made a re-appearance and I had to stop for a pit-stop. TMI?

Thursday – Same body weight workout as above

I didn’t really have time to go to GoodLife this week as I really needed to work on my report card marks. I also competed in the “hurry up and get the hurdles out before lightning strikes you” and the 200m sprint to shelter when we had a thunderstorm at track practice.(I’m funny)


Friday – 3K run in 19:30

Another 3K run. I felt pretty tired during this run. 3K shouldn’t bug me, but it did. I think it was about 25C out when I went out to run. I have to remember that the last time I ran regularly, the temperature was barely cracking 20C and running in heat/humidity is still a bit uncomfortable for me. I finished the run without any problems. I also went to a work pool party after. I was in the pool with Max for at least an hour and because he wanted to go into the deep end, I ended up treading water quite a bit. I do have to say that I’m getting better at it though!

Saturday – Track Meet

I very rarely do anything on heavy track meet days because I actually do lots of physical things while I’m there. Hurdle duty counts as a weights workout because those suckers are heavy. I had to set them up, tear them down, put them up again, then take them down again. Then I had to put the hurdles up one more time. At least this time our club’s head coach wasn’t pulling the cart away from us as we try to put the hurdles on it (you basically run with 2-3 hurdles). I also walked around quite a bit and assisted with the javelin event for awhile.


It was super hot out and I was sweating the entire time. After track, I went to our friends house (where P and Max were hanging out) and jumped in the pool. Refreshing!


Sunday – Nothing

I was tired.


Total KM – 21K



This week is the easy one on the training schedule, so it didn’t feel like much. Since my “long run” was 15K, I only had two very short runs to complete during the week. I need to gradually get back into the swing of things. Doing too much, too soon only will equal disaster. The next few weeks have a gradual increase of 2-3KM per week before we get to the 30K per week period of training. Because I’m starting at 18 weeks vs. 16 weeks, the first two weeks are super easy anyways.

Which is good as the next point I should discuss is my left leg. My lower left calf muscles have been causing some issues for the past month. In all the runs this week, I had zero pain while running. Actually it was my right leg that was going more “shin splinty” than the left. BUT, I can still feel some inflammation in the left leg. My PT looked at both legs earlier this week and confirmed that my right leg was just tight but my left leg has lots of scar tissue and all that fun stuff. We have worked through the muscle that attaches to the inner part of the shin and that muscle is fine now. There is just a few points on the back that need to be worked on a bit more. The good thing is that it isn’t pain and it doesn’t cause any issues when running. (yet).

So, let’s bring on week 2 of STWM training!


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  1. Mary

    That is such an awesome race photo from the Nike 15km!! Well done
    Mary recently posted…Running in NewfoundlandMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Ah, scar tissue. I know firsthand the havoc it can wreak. Hope things continue to get better!
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Life in Kamloops (So Far)My Profile

  3. Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner

    I’ll be following in your footsteps 🙂 I’m going to try more cross training this time around, starting with a pool running class on Monday nights. I don’t think I have run more than 12k in total in a week for the last month so I have some work to do!
    Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner recently posted…Marathon Training Starts SoonMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I have a 16K scheduled for this weekend….going to be fun! I have to get used to long runs again.


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