STWM Training Week 6 – Running with Lanni

This week you will not be reading a standard training report. Not much training happened last week as I’m trying to get that stubborn left calf going again. I will let you know later on this week about what I’m doing for training this week instead of regular running. Anyways – I did go on one run this week because there was no way I was turning this opportunity down. A week or so ago, Lanni Marchant asked her followers on Twitter/Facebook if any of us wanted to go for a shake out run and pints after her 10,000m race. I will write more about that race tomorrow – but spoiler alert, she won the bronze medal. This was her first major World competition medal: so even more reason to celebrate!

The plan was to meet at Coronation Park in Toronto around 11. Since that was very close to the CNE grounds, I was able to take the Go Train in rather than driving and parking. I arrived just before 11 and found a few runners waiting, which then we confirmed we were all there to run with Lanni. Cathy was also there (coming down from the marathon route), as well as a few people from Twitter and Ben who is another STWM Digital Champion. As always, it was nice to meet some twitter runners in person and some other runners from Toronto. Overall there was about 20 people there. Lanni arrived shortly afterwards. We took a few photos and saw the medal, and shortly went on our way




IMG_3955 (1)


We were just running a short run. Lanni had actually already run a bit in the morning and it was starting to get a tad bit warm out. We ran basically around the Exhibition Grounds for about a 1.5KM or so and then headed back. I did not Garmin the run – but someone said we were hovering around the 5:10/km pace – no wonder I felt a bit tired 😉




Because I wanted to have my phone with me (hello, photo ops!)- I had to run with it. I have absolutely no idea how some of you run with your phone in your hands. I also have no idea how some of you can run fast and take pictures – it was hard! I was kind of at the back of the pack for most of the run with a few other people. We ran past the line up for the BeerFest that was going on and people were staring at us like we were nuts. Little did they know, we were getting beer after. We turned around and headed towards the CIBC Pan Am Park. On the way back – a familiar face was biking beside us, Alan the race director of STWM! He says “Is this a LaLa sighting?!” and then said hi to everyone. Soon enough we were at the park and quickly went as a sweaty group to security to enter the park. I think we ran just under 4K – nice short run!


While walking in the park, the CIBC people asked if “us runners” wanted to an Olympic Gold Medalist – turns out Bruny Surin was there. For those who don’t know: Bruny is a member of the 1996 4x100m Gold Medal team and was also the person who ran around the CN Tower in that Pan Am Opening ceremony video. It was cool to meet him! I told him how much I liked that video. We all had a group shot with Bruny:


(Photo Credit – Monique G – @CauseMoG) 

After that – it was time for the Beer Tent. Turns out – I knew the person in charge of the beer tent, Lauren as I went to teacher’s college with her. Small world! The Molson Beer tent also had one of those cooling mist machines which was so nice after a run. Speaking of being hot during a run, I should comment that Lanni barely broke a sweat during the run, while some of us were definitely glistening after.

We cheered our run and Lanni’s success on the track this week and then just chatted. We took some more pictures as well. As always, Lanni is an inspiration, not just because of her running skills, but because of how she got to where she is and her determination. As I’ve said before – I’m always a fan of someone who is also part of team “Burgers and Beer”. Although, to be clear – Lanni does eat all the good stuff too. I think she said “I’m not going to eat just a muffin for breakfast” at one point to acknowledge that fuelling with all the good stuff is just as important. We all were in small groups, and Lanni was making the rounds chatting with everyone. If we were not chatting with her – we were all talking about our own running adventures. There is never a dull moment in the conversation when you have a bunch of runners together!


Unfortunately, I had to leave a bit early because I had to catch a train back to Mississauga. I said goodbye and then ran to the GO station as I had 3 minutes to catch my train. I made it just as the train was rolling in and did not “lose my beer”.

Many thanks to Lanni for including us “regular runners” in her celebrations. Definitely a highlight for me and for I’m pretty sure, every single person who came out. Maybe burgers and beers again soon?


Stay tuned as I recap Lanni’s 10,000m race and the rest of the Pan Am Track and Field events that I attended!


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  1. Cathy

    Great post! No wonder that just under 1K got me. 5:10/km is more like my race pace…not something I typically do after running around the city for 4 hours. I am sad that I didn’t stick around for the whole thing and get a chance to chat with you and Lanni more, but the first half was definitely a great experience. See you again soon I hope!
    Cathy recently posted…Toronto Pan Am 2015 Women’s MarathonMy Profile

  2. Jessica

    I LOVE LANNI. That is so so cool that you were able to run with her.

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    What an awesome opportunity for you! Glad you had a great time 🙂
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Whitewater Kayaking on the Adams RiverMy Profile

  4. Marsden

    Wicked cool! Sounds like a great time.

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