STWM Training Week 7: Pool Running!

Hi Everyone!


Another week of not really running – but doing something different instead. I’m not going to write a day by day recap of my training, because it really did not change much. I was pretty busy last week and therefore, I did not really get much done until after Wednesday.

What did I do instead of running?

a) Strength Training

I wasn’t able to make it to GoodLife this week, so it was all about body weights instead. I would work out some basic circuits whenever I had a change, focusing on:

– push-ups

– Glute bridges/hip raises

– Various abs (90 degree sit ups, bicycle sit-ups)

– squats

I also made sure to do some of the physio exercises to strengthen that darn left leg.

b) Pool Running

I had access to a great pool, and therefore I finally got to try pool running. I set my iPhone timer to 30 minutes, grabbed a pool noodle and went “for a run”. I used a pool noodle because I could not easily find one of those flotation devices I’ve seen pool runners use, and really I just wanted to spend $1.


So how was it? At first I thought it was kind of easy. I wondered if I was doing it right. Then, I got out of the pool and my legs were definitely tired. It was kind of boring, but I’m sure having some music on or something would make it less boring. BUT – since Max loves the pool, it made it possible for me to “run” with Max. As I mentioned before, I cannot take Max in the chariot anymore – it is either pool running or GoodLife when P is working.

This week I ran 30 minutes in the pool twice. I still have access to the pool for a few more days, so I will probably do a bit more pool running this upcoming week.



Although pool running is fun and all – I want to run on the road again!

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  1. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    I really want to try pool running, now that I am at a point where I can no longer run without a lot of pain. I’ve never thought about using a noodle, but it seems like it would work well. I would definitely have to listen to music to keep me entertained for that long – especially going so slow. 🙂
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Saying Farewell, But Not Goodbye, To RunningMy Profile


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