STWM Training: Week 8

Happy Monday!

Things are still going a bit slowly around here. I managed to run a few shorter runs, but nothing too long/hard. I’m hoping to see my doctor this week and then get referred to a Sports Doc. Fun stuff!

STWM Training; Week 8


Monday – Nothing

Tuesday – 30 minutes Pool Running

Last pool run before returning to Canada. I just set my timer, grabbed a pool noodle and off I went. Nothing too exciting, but it was nice not to sweat it up!


Wednesday – Nothing

Thursday – Travel day, nothing

Friday – Hip Stretches and body weight workout + a short 3K “run”

Run is in quotation marks since it was just jogging along with Max as he rode his bike. There is a park that is located at the 1.5K mark of my hilly 3K route, so we went there. It wasn’t 3K straight, but more like run a KM then play, then run another KM and play.

One of my ongoing issues is tight hips. I saw this post by Amanda at Run to the Finish about hip stretches and have been doing them every day since Friday. I also did a short circuit of 20x pushups/squats/glute bridges/sit-ups and planks.

Saturday – Leg strength workout + stretching

More stretching and some leg strength work at home. I usually do my workouts after Max goes to bed with some music blaring. I’m still jet-lagged a bit, so I’m finding it really hard to sleep before 11:30/midnight.

Sunday – 3K run on the Treadmill + arm work

Max and I went to the gym. He wanted to play with the kids. So off we went. I ran 3K in 20:00 on the treadmill and then did 24x arm presses at 60lbs + 24xrows at 70lbs. Just my standard gym workout with a few minutes on the brand new massage chairs after.



As I said to Carmy and Lara on twitter the other day – I would take a stress fracture any day over whatever this tendon/muscle crap thing. Last year’s injury seemed so much easier. Oh, a stress fracture? Take 4-6 weeks off and start back gradually. This is just ongoing. Lauren Fleshman and Jessica Zelinka are two examples of elite athletes who are battled achilles tendon issues. Lauren has barely raced this year and Jessica has no taken the rest of 2015, including dropping out of World’s. As I watched Jessica run the hurdles at Pan Am a few weeks ago, I noticed her face at the end of the race. She definitely looked like something was hurting her. She made it through the Day 1 events of the hep, but dropped out on Day 2. I don’t think my issues is my achilles – but still some sort of tendon issues. But that is why I need to see the sports doc to 1) figure out what the heck is going on and 2) how to prevent it. I can take all the rest weeks I want – the issue will continue to come back.

Another cruddy thing is that most likely I will be told “go to physio! yay!” – sure, I can do that but I’ve maxed out my PT money from P’s insurance (I only get 5 visits covered) and I’ve never had benefits (ever!). I’m currently unemployed and will remain unemployed for another month. At $70 a pop, I can’t really be going to physio despite really liking my physio office. I kind of need to buy food and stuff instead. Therefore I am annoyed and frustrated. Actually, replaced annoyed and frustrated with a series of cuss words and you will probably have a more accurate take on my feelings.


This person looks familiar.…..take a look!

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  1. Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner

    So sorry to hear the injury is still an issue. I’d be so fristrated too. Hopefully you will have some answers soon. The worst is not knowing and not having a plan.
    Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner recently posted…Road2Hope Marathon Training Week 5My Profile


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