Back to School!

Happy Friday!


Yesterday was a PD Day, so all the staff had to go back to school before Labour Day. In Ontario, the English schools always start after Labour Day with the French schools going back the week before. Every so often we have to go in before so that we work the regulated amount of days. In California, they have been back for a couple of weeks. When having dinner with some SoCal people, they explained the school year calendar to me. They described all the vacation time they get (on top of summer) that had me making the 😮 face. Anyways, as I mentioned yesterday I’m back working full time but at a different school.

The new school is one of the biggest schools in the board with approximately 1200 or so students (that is big for Ottawa). Usually I teach at schools with under 800 students. The physical size of the school is bigger as well with three floors and portables. I teach two sections of the Careers Education course in a portable, but my office is on the third floor. Lots of walking! Yesterday I spent some time wandering the halls, trying to figure out the school. I also have to figure out school rules and routines like:

  • Photocopy codes/rules
  • How do I make announcements?
  • When are staff meetings?
  • How do I book computer labs?
  • Supervision duties

When I walked in yesterday, I knew zero staff members. Not a single person. There are people I recognized from track/Phys Ed PD sessions, but that was it. Looking at the student list however, I actually know a number of students from track! I also taught a number of students Careers/Civics over the summer. So that should be fun. I have been asked whether I will be coaching Cross Country. They already have a coach, and I haven’t talked to her yet. I’m thinking about helping out but still not 100% sure. I am very close to the track, which means on Thursdays I will not be going home until we go into our indoor location. I will have a number of hours available (over two hours) on Thursdays to either help coach XC or do my own training.

This school is approximately 20 minutes from my house. Not a bad commute, but not my former 2 minute one 🙂 With ongoing construction on the highways because of the LRT project, getting home is a bit of an issue but nothing like driving home from Barrhaven each day. Max is at a preschool now with earlier opening hours and later closing time which helps out a ton. When he was at the home daycare, 5pm was the latest I could pick him up. The new one is 5:45. My school starts later in the morning, so mornings shouldn’t be an issue. Even after school, I have more than enough time to get back to Orleans and do whatever I need to do (groceries, gym time) before picking up Max.

Since I was notified of my placement so late – I have a number of things to do this weekend. I have taught the Careers class so many times that I can get it set up easily, but it still takes time. My other course is completely different and doesn’t met every day. Instead it requires lots of organization and monitoring. Something I’m used to, but when you are at a new school it can make for complications. I also have to get used to making lunches again and wearing grown up pants. Yesterday I wore a jeans skirt and black top and P was all “why are you dressed up?”. I had to explain that it is either “somewhat dressy” or short athletic shorts. Don’t think short shorts are school approved!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Today is our 5th anniversary, and since Max is at school – we are going to Sidedoor (not really Max appropriate) for some Tacos and Donuts! I better not eat too much this time.

Random Friday Picture: We have been looking at houses in the West end. This one is a big project house with an amazing backyard. The backyard is so big that I could make my own XC course 😉



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  1. Marsden

    Happy Anniversary!!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Thank you !

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Good luck with the new school, and happy anniversary!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Thank you!


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