STWM Half Marathon Training – Week 1 (Restart)

Happy Labour Day!


It may be a holiday – but things are busy around here. School starts tomorrow and I have a pile of work that needs to be done before tomorrow. I am going in bright and early tomorrow on a mission to find the photocopier and get myself organized.

A restart on training this week – I’m starting to train for the STWM Half Marathon now and started running again this week.

STWM Half Marathon Training – Week 1

Monday – Off

It was a busy day with driving home from Pembroke (visiting friends) and then 3 hours of house hunting. No time for a workout!

Tuesday – GoodLife workout

I spent 25 minutes on the bike – 5 minutes easy, 5 minutes hard. Then I did a few upper body weights: presses, pull-downs and rows. I’ve started increasing my weights again and now at 60lbs. BUT, I think I’m ready to jump to 70lbs next week. I have arm muscles now 😉


Wednesday – 3K Run in 19:00

A short run on my “flat route”. My leg was taped up with K-tape. I definitely noticed that after 2K, my legs were feeling tired. I still haven’t charged my Garmin yet, so it was a completely tech-free run. I just glanced at the time before leaving and figured I ran the 3K in about 19 minutes or so. No leg issues at all.


Thursday – Saturday: OFF

Sunday – 5K run in 34:00

I woke up a little bit early on Sunday to get a run in before it was too hot out. The last time I ran over 4K was in mid-July with my very last long run of 14K. I set out for a 5K run on the path. I only wore a plain sports watch (no GPS) as I know where all my KM markings are for KM 1-5 on the River path. Definitely felt out of shape on this run. The last 2K felt awful, not because of my leg but because I felt so out of shape. Remember when I used to run these 5K runs in about 26-27 minutes? 34 minutes felt like death. it could have been some humidity but really, its just because I haven’t run more than 4K in a month and a half. My leg felt ok – a few twinges at some points, but nothing too bad (more on that below). I’m glad that I got that run down before 8am, because by 9am it was blazin’ hot out there!


It was nice to be back running this week! I did have a visit with my physiotherapist on Friday and we are thinking that my issue might be a nerve issue, coupled with muscle stuff. We fixed the muscle issue back in June and I haven’t had the shin splinty-“oh my goodness its a stress fracture” pain since. BUT – I’ve had this ongoing issue with feeling like something is out of sorts. I had an X-ray done last week and it came back completely clear. Something wonky in my back and/or hips could be the underlying issue and would make sense. I do get back pain when I run long distances and my hips are always tight. Did you know that Usain Bolt has back issues? I’m not Usain Bolt though (LOL) nor do I have a fancy doctor in Germany that can do magic. Anyways – it could be a combination of both or one or neither. I don’t know. My sports med appointment was supposed to be Friday but is now delayed until next week. Soon I will hopefully figure out that the deal is. Right now the leg feels fine at one moment and iffy at another. Nothing too painful though. While waiting, I will continue to do what I’m doing – GoodLife at least once a week and running 2-3x a week.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Krist@BlogforanAverageRunner

    Glad to hear you are able to start training again. It always feels good to be able to start a schedule again! Enjoy and good luck tomorrow😄
    Krist@BlogforanAverageRunner recently posted…Maybe I Don’t Hate 5k’s – The Canadian Race ReportMy Profile

  2. Carmy

    I’m totally sighing with you. Week 1 together for STWM training!
    Carmy recently posted…Monday on the Run #28My Profile

  3. Carmy

    I’m totally sighing with you. Week 1 together for STWM training!
    Carmy recently posted…Monday on the Run #28My Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)



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