Thinking Out Loud Thursday # 56

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday! Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 Job News!

Yesterday I mentioned that I did not have a position lined up for Tuesday yet. Well, yesterday was an interesting day! The way my school board hires these contract/semester by semester positions is by seniority. The HR people will post all the jobs, then they will take a day to sort through all the applications and place people using seniority and ensuring that they have the right teachable qualifications. When a teacher applies for a job, they have to make sure they really want the job because normally you cannot say No. If you do, no job for you! Calls to successful teachers happened on Monday and I didn’t get a call. But there were some positions that were posted late. Those positions application period ended after Monday, so I was hoping to secure one of those jobs. Just after lunch I received a call from a Principal offering me a part time position for a month. Not exactly the best position, but it is better than nothing. Usually calls come from HR, but sometimes when they cannot find a candidate with the exact teachable subjects, the Principal can hire whomever they want. I was kinda bummed about it, but again it was better than nothing. About an hour later, I was contacted by HR offering me a full time position for the entire semester. I think I yelled “are you serious?!” thinking that I couldn’t take the job because of the “no rule”. But the woman in HR said it wasn’t a problem and boom, new job! I’m going to a completely new school again but the position is great. I haven’t worked full time since January of 2014, so I’m excited to have some $ again!

#2 New iPad

I joined RBC bank a few months ago when they had their iPad Mini promotion. Obviously, it isn’t 100% free, as there is bank fees involved, but I pay bank fees at my previous bank anyways. I do get more services though! The new iPad is an iPad Mini 2 16G. I don’t use as much storage because I don’t store music on my iPads. I purchased a Survivor case for it, rather than the book cover style cover. The Survivor case makes the iPad a bit heavier, but I like it. It also has a protective screen, which meant I didn’t spend $10-20 on a separate one. I used to have an iPad 2, which still works, but it did not have the newest iOS on it, nor did it have the nice Retina screen. The mini is a bit of an upgrade!



#3 Speaking of iProducts

My cell phone plan is up in a couple of months. I am waiting for the newest iPhone to come out OR I will do what I’ve done in the past and “buy” the last iPhone for $0 and sell my current phone for $150-200. I paid $0 for both my iPhone 4 and 5S, but sold my iPod Touch and 4 for over $100 each. The next iPhone I get though will probably not be $0 as I am never buying a 16G iPhone ever again. I fill up the phone way too fast!

#4 PIE

I’m not the best baker in the world, but I tried my hand at pie since I had a whole pile of very ripe peaches. I made my own crust and added a crumble on top. It turned out ok – I need to work on my pastry shell though as it wasn’t as flakey as I would have liked. Probably because I used butter instead of shortening? I have no idea….


#5 Track Changes/Getting Certified

Track is back on next week. We have had almost an entire month off! We start back up on Monday with a super short, all together practice. We have changed the wording of my group to Junior Development-General Prep. We used to be Junior Competitive BUT we found lots of kids wanted to come out and work out, but not really compete outside of high school. So, we are still going to encourage coming out to meets, but focus more on working out and building a base to perhaps move on to a more competitive group in a year or so. Last year there were four of us coaching, with most coaching 1-2 days per week. Now, one of the coaches is finished school and will be able to coach all 3 days and will take the lead. I come in on Thursdays with occasional Saturday/Monday practices once we move to the Dome. We hope to communicate more and to take charge of our own group. Right now our head coach makes the plans, but no more! We are also going through the process of being fully certified with Athletics Canada (we are all currently ‘trained’). So, I have some work to do!

I’m excited! P.S. Jane – that means we are back invading the track soon 😉

Alright – time for work! Have a great Thursday!!

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