STWM Half Marathon Training: Week 6

Finally – Race Week!!!

I’m so looking forward to next weekend. Because I’ve known since May that I would be running a race at STWM, it has been a long wait! I will have a few more posts about Goals, Expo things and that sort later this week.


STWM Half Marathon Training Week 6


Monday – Off

Tuesday – 5K Run

It has been awhile since I’ve run my “Charlemagne loop” at the top end of Orleans. I used to run this particular 4K loop, over and over again last year when I was marathon training. The loop is close to preschool, so I ran 5K on Tuesday. Most of the run was done at “race pace”. I finished the run in 32 minutes. The run felt good, other than the last 1K or so when I felt like I was going to throw up. Yuck!  Other than that – a great run. An extra bonus was that I was wearing shorts too!

Wednesday – GoodLife Workout

I had some time after school to do a quick upper body workout. I did 24x rows and pull downs at 70lbs, 30 squats using 15lb dumb bells,  and 30 push/twists at 20lbs. That was all I really had time for.

Thursday – 5K Run at Mooney’s Bay

This run was broken up a bit. I ran 3K on my own before XC practice, then 2K with the kids. The first 3K was done at race pace again, finishing in 18 minutes. The 2K after was a mix of times. We ran a warm up look, but the kids were going way too fast for me (I was running at 4:40 pace at one point), so I shut it down. While they were running hill loops, I just jogged around the grass to get to 5K loops.

Friday – Off

It was a PD day and I was on my way to Sandbanks!

Saturday – Off

Sunday – 10K long run at Sandbanks

The 2nd annual “Rebecca runs through a Provincial Park” occurred on Sunday. Last year, I ran 32K doing 6x5K loops on the most boring road ever. This year, I had to only run 10K and the scenery was much better. We were at Sandbanks Provincial Park for the long weekend. Sandbanks is known for its beaches. I ran 5K from the cottage we were at, all the way across to one of the beaches, through the closed section of campsites and back. I did stop a couple of times to check out the beach. There was even a water tap available. Such a treat as I never encounter water fountains on my runs! The run was completed in 64 minutes, just under “race pace”. It felt pretty good! I ran most of the run in the park, but a few KM were on a county road. I’m glad I went early, because the roads started getting super busy. The wind was INSANE, but luckily I was sheltered in the park.





I wish I had 3 more weeks and I could potentially run a marathon. My running for the past few weeks has been great and I knew if I had just a few weeks more, I could attempt a marathon. I’m not in full taper mode with no runs scheduled until Saturday’s easy Friendship run. I do best with a nice big break before a race. I do have some goals in mind, but I’m not 100% sure what my A-B-C goals will be. I think whatever happens next Sunday might be a surprise. Or, I could just run my usual ~2:15 half marathon. No idea!

I am looking forward to seeing so many of you again! I will have some details about STWM in the next couple of days. Tonight at midnight is when the online registration closes – so if you haven’t signed up yet – DO IT!! It will be fun!! It’s a party! Everyone’s invited! Yay!



Have a great Monday!

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  1. Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner

    Enjoy your last week before the big race 🙂
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  2. Marsden

    You are going to rock it!
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