Thinking Out Loud Thursday #62 – All About STWM

Happy Thursday!!!

A busy day today as it is a XC meet day. Plus I have a meeting before that, then I am supposed to be going to track, and I have an assignment for my online course due, and I also have to pack for STWM. #runonsentence….

I’m probably not going to track tonight. Something has to give! I really want to tackle my online courses stuff before leaving for Toronto! Anyways – another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


The STWM expo happens on Friday and Saturday. Check out the list of STWM Expo Speakers! A couple of great speakers including some fellow STWM Digital Champions, Ed Whitlock, Krista Duchene and my favorite runner, Lanni Marchant. Unfortunately I will be missing Lanni’s talk as I will be teaching. Someone Facetime me? I will be going to Krista Duchene’s and the #RunlikeaGirl talk on Saturday. Hope to see you there! Come say hi!

Before Saturday’s expo talks/fun, there is a Friendship 3K run at 10am. The run will be with Krista Duchene! Krista was supposed to run STWM, but had to back out due to a fracture in her foot. Come join her and other fun running friends on Saturday! After that, it will be time for Krista’s talk, getting my bib, finding food and then listening to Allison, Amy, Danielle and Christina talk about their big goals. I’m actually hoping to FINALLY meet ChristinaΒ this weekend – and everyone else!

If you are coming out to the expo on Saturday – let me know!

#2 Race Outfit

I finished packing last night. The temperature keeps getting cooler for Sunday, so I just packed two outfits. Cold and Colder. Basically a pair of shorts, capris, a short sleeved shirt (the Nike Toronto one) and a long sleeved shirt with thumbholes. I think it will be the long sleeved shirt and shorts combo. OR the outfit I was wearing in the Brooks post. I get cold at the top, but hate being warm on the bottom. It is kind of my go-to Fall/Spring running combo. I also have a pair of gloves and my fleece-lined headband. To make sure I’m warm at the start, I bought some throw away gear. I usually just go for the cheapest clothes. Of course the warm sweater I found was this cute Doggy Sweater that apparently Cathy and Carmy would have fought over if I took it off. So – I’m keeping it. I found some random hoodie that I’ve never worn to toss in the Goodwill pile again.



I’m doing something different for this race and staying less than 400m away from the start. Because I was generously given a bib for being a Digital Champion (THANKS CANADIAN RUNNING SERIES), I splurged on a hotel rather than commuting from Mississauga/getting Dad Taxi to drop me off. I’m really looking forward to getting up and just taking it easy on race morning. I’m hoping this helps with any digestive issues. I’m also looking forward to being so close to warm clothes/shower.


I will be going out to cheer on all the marathoners after I finish the half marathon (well – at least until 1pm or so). I am bringing the Heisenberg sign to Toronto. Make sure you look out for it. I will most likely be somewhere on Bay or Wellington.



#5 The Goals

I’m not sure how STWM will go. It will all depend on whether my leg continues to behave or not. So far, all my long runs have been fine. I’m not concerned and at least I know that it isn’t a muscle/tendon issue. I do have a goal of at least PBing the half. My PB is 2:15 and I think that is possible. My big goal will be to try and go sub-2:10. We received our bib numbers and corral assignments yesterday and I realized I am placed in the LAST corral (2:30+). That isn’t going to work and would involve way too much weaving. So, I’m going to get a sticker at the expo for another corral. I’m also going to attempt to not do my usual 10 and 1’s, but walk only the water stations instead. I think I am just going to try my best and run happy. I’m pretty excited about seeing some running friends again and finally meeting some other friends. Should be a good time!


See you all so very soon!



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  1. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    You definitely should move up a corral time/spot. It’s much easier to start near the end of the faster group than the beginning of the slower group. If they won’t let you move up, definitely get in front of that corral! πŸ™‚

    I think it is really smart that you got a hotel room near the start/finish. I did this for the Portland Marathon and it was really nice to head out last minute, have my own bathroom, and be able to shower/change immediately after. Good move!!! I think your goal time is completely doable. Hopefully you will be feeling good that day! πŸ™‚
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…And Then I Went On A RunMy Profile


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