Ottawa Marathon Training: Week 5

Hi All!

No work for me today! Although it is bittersweet as now we are in that no-break stretch and the students for the first time in a long time, have to go weeks with no snow days or holidays. Insert ‘awww muffin’ comment here. My yearbook is due this week – and with a four day week, it is going to quite possibly be a stressful week.

Last week was a great week for running. First time in a long time that I felt confident in running again with all of my evil calf issues. I had barely any problems while running and the usual after running niggles I get were pretty much non existent. Perhaps all this physio/glute/hip exercises actually works

Workouts this Week:

Monday – 10K in 1:10

Hey Look! A Long run! FINALLY

Monday featured some gorgeous weather – so after work, I set out to run 10K. It seemed like a slow run, but 10K in 1:10 is pretty standard for me while running at a long run pace. I still ran 5:00/1:00. I ran somewhat close to home, running my “loops course”. Because we just put tile in the front hallway, I had to use the back door to get in and out. There was lots of snow at this point in the back, so I had to carefully go through the back alley to get to the street. I felt great after this run, mostly because I finally got up to 10K. My legs cooperated for the most part – but no big pains. Actually noticing more issues with the right leg now.


Tuesday – Massage

Massage time on Tuesday. I only had to work the AM, so I quickly booked an appointment with my RMT. Usually this doesn’t work as he gets booked up, but time the timing worked. I went in between finishing school in the AM but before my PM staff meeting. I told him my theory about my hip flexors and apparently I was right. My quad is kind of messed up and that is causing some issues with the hip flexors too. I can roll out my calf and it doesn’t hurt, but my quads/hip flexors are a different story. Even with the massage, it hurt quite a bit. BUT, my leg felt amazing afterwards.

Wednesday – 5K in 33:00

Since a snow/ice storm was expected in Ottawa on Thursday, I made sure to get out for a run on Wednesday. It was a bit tight as I had my PM school and I didn’t want to leave until I got some projects/marking completed. So, I left a bit late. I ran 5K in 33 minutes – doing the usual 5:00/1:00 running system. I have to remember that I’m training for a marathon, not a 5K/10K so my paces need to drop significantly. 6:37 is hopefully the pace I will run the marathon in, but probably will end up being a bit slower. So, unless I’m doing speed work, I have no business being in the 5:xx range. This run felt great – except I forgot my ear covering headband and my ears felt cold. No ice/snow on the sidewalks, which makes everything so much easier.


Thursday – GoodLife Workout

Little bit of an ice storm on Thursday. No way I was going for a run. GoodLife hasn’t happened in about two weeks due to death-flu and March Break, so I went to the gym prior to going to Track. I did 5 miles on the bike and followed up with some weights: push/twists, rows, hamstring exercises and some ab work. Then it was off to track where I only had 5 athletes show up as it was quite nasty out.

Friday – Nothing but Glutes

Nothing on the agenda except my hip/glute exercises. I’ve been ensuring that I do my exercises every day. It seems to be working. I’ve even noticed that my one leg glute bridges seem easier now.

Saturday – Short 1K run/walk and hip/glute exercises

A busy day since we had to take advantage of the stores being open. So I walked around a lot at the grocery store and home improvement stores. I did go on a short 1K run with Max while he rode his bike. I followed up at night with my glute/hip exercises and my post-tib resistance band work.

Sunday – 12KM  in 1:23

Yay, another long run!

It was another beautiful day – so I decided to get another long run done. I ran my 6K “McDonald’s” loop (McD’s is the halfway point) and my 6K Ottawa River route. Which means, yes, the path is good for running again! There is only one small patch of snow left. I got to my 6K mark, but I’m sure I could get to the 8K without lots of snow on the paths. Lots of people were out walking as it was so nice out – I even bumped into my father in law. My legs cooperated for the most part. At first I thought my left leg was going to go, but it didn’t. My right (again) gave me a bit of a hassle, but really it was nothing. Generally once I warm up, the left leg doesn’t bug me at all. The right is good for the most part.


I am feeling more confident now. I did have two long runs this week – but on the first and last days of the week. Not a big deal. I’m a bit behind on where I would like to be for long runs, but doing two long runs this week means I am closer to being on track.  I do need to do more cross training. I had track plus two staff meetings this week which ate up lots of my time. The long weekend didn’t help either as I’m lucky if I get to go for one run.

My current system of lots of physio/massage therapy, specialized exercises and specific shoes are equalling success. I’ve been wearing only my Brooks Glycerins or my boots that have support in them. Basically, not other shoes for me! I’m looking at ordering another pair of Brooks shoes for a day to day pair since I need to stop wearing the glycerins so much. Luckily most of the new editions of the Brooks lines feature that satin-feel heel collar that I need. Funny story – I was at Sail and saw they had one of those Dr. Scholl foot analysis machines. Now, it might be a store machine and maybe not 100% accurate, but I found it funny that it said I have normal arches. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve noticed that the left arch is actually an arch now. The right needs some work now!

Overall a much better week. The weather is warmer, the running routes are less boring and I am hoping my running will stay on track!

Have a great Monday! 

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  1. Hollie

    Nice job last week. It sounds like you were able to switch things up and make it more interesting. That is always a good thing.


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