It is busy!

Hey – I’m alive!

I missed a Thinking Out Loud Thursday yesterday – it was our Ottawa area track and field championship yesterday so we were busy at the track. The team did well and six student-athletes are heading to Belleville next week for the last qualifier for OFSAA (Ontario high school championship). I’m not going to that meet as it is just a bit too close to Ottawa Race Weekend – and really I don’t want to be missing 5 of the next 9 days of school. If we have students make it to OFSAA, I will be going. That meet is in Windsor. You might hear my whining as I spend 8+ hours on a bus with 50 track people. I just saw that “Race” is being released on DVD next week – perfect movie for the trip down (along with McFarland).

On top of all the track related stuff, I’ve been busy with some Ottawa Race Weekend things. I’ve started the training process for my water station volunteers – and also have to go downtown to get their shirts/hats as well as purchase snacks. Some of the Team Awesome members met at Vincent Massey Park for some filming for a portion of the Ottawa Marathon broadcast/recap show (not entirely sure when it is airing). We ran back and forth between a few spots many, many times. It was fun though!



This weekend is a long weekend and we have lots of renos to complete! I’m also having to go for my last big run (10K) when it is about 16-17C out. I was supposed to go out for 5K today, but unfortunately a situation at school (long story – but basically I was stuck) meant I did not eat anything until after 3:30pm, which is usually when I start running. Heat + empty stomach = a no go. Not worried about it. 5K isn’t really going to make a difference. I ran a total of 16K on Wednesday as my last long run.

Next week is busy, busy again. I have some Race Weekend stuff to complete still and then Saturday P and Max are running the 2K event. Afterwards we will be at the finish line to watch the 5K and 10K. Lanni and Tasha are running, so I apologize for my frantic tweets in advance. Let me know if you are running the Saturday events so I can look out for you! I’m thinking I am going to the expo on Friday.

Which brings up another point – as mentioned, the big reason I’m not going to East OFSAA is missing too much school, but also because of race weekend. I was thinking that race weekend and East OFSAA are rarely together. I think my first year of East the weekends collided. But last year, East OFSAA happened after Race Weekend, which is probably why I was so chill about it. I remember going to the expo on Thursday and Friday – something that is impossible during East OFSAA since I don’t get out of the meet until 6pm.

Anyways – even though next week will be busy – I’m looking forward to it!


Have a great long weekend!

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