It is going to be a HOT one #RunOttawa2016

Happy Friday!

Runners are notorious for checking the weather forecast for marathon day. This year, we are in pretty much the worst possible scenario for weather – super hot and humid! There is still a chance that the races on Sunday could be cancelled – keep checking emails/news. It would suck if the race has to be cancelled, but it would suck more if people get serious ill from running in the heat.

Most of us have thrown time goals out the window. Originally, Friday’s post was to be the usual “goals post” but I no longer have a goal for Sunday other than to finish and have a good time. The original goal was under 2:10, maybe 2:05. Now – I will just be listening to my body and taking walk breaks as necessary. I’m not about to throw my entire season away nor risk my health for a race. Just not worth it.

If you are running this weekend – please listen to your what your body is telling you. Make sure you are drinking fluids now – not just on race day. Do not over do the water though, as that can also cause problems (and could even kill you!). Read more about proper hydration and over hydration here.

Other things you can do this weekend:

  • Stay in the shade whenever you can
  • Wear a hat!
  • Ensure that you have put sunscreen on
  • Completely re-adjust your time goals
  • Stop at every water station for a hose down – PLEASE DON’T WASTE CUPS – the water stations are instructed to hose you down. The Hose stations will be in between the Nuun tables and the water tables. There will also be misting stations in addition to the hoses and the city/race organizers has asked everyone on the race routes to hose people down.
  • If you feel unwell at any point – stop. There will be medical crews all along the course and every water station has radio contact with everyone.

Have fun this weekend – don’t let the heat bring you down. Simply have a great race and maybe just make it a fun run. 


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  1. Eric

    Yikes! If only they had more notice about how bad the weather would be and adjust the start time to avoid more of the heat.

    PB or not, I hope you have a great time out there! Best of luck!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I’m planning on just having a fun race!

      Yup = it almost needs to be a 5am start – but I doubt that is going to happen

  2. Ann-Marie

    I agree with just listening to your body and trying to have fun. I have absolutely thrown all time goals out the window. I just want to enjoy it and soak it in! At least there will probably be tons of spectators with the summer-like weather!


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