Ottawa Half Marathon Training – Week 13

Happy Monday!
A great Monday because it is Victoria Day, a holiday! For those of us in the school system, it also signals the time when things really start to pick up before the year ends. This week includes job search stuff, a teaching evaluation and a bit of track. Actually, tomorrow is a day that I usually can supply teach in the afternoon, but I’m taking the afternoon off. I have too many things to do! We have a track meet this week, the last qualifier before OFSAA. I’m not going – but will probably be glued to my phone.

But this week is super exciting because IT IS RACE WEEK. 

I’m beyond excited for race weekend. It is one of my favourite weekends of the year. We start things up with a Twitter chat Tuesday Evening. Come join us for some last minute tips and advice. I also have to train my volunteers and get some supplies. I will be going to the expo on Friday evening (come join me!). Saturday is P and Max’s time to race the 2K, and will be followed by the 5K and 10K. A reminder that the 10K is also the Canadian 10K championships so it will feature top Canadian talent. I will be at the finish line – so please let me know if you are racing, so I can try and cheer you on as you cross the finish line.

Sunday is race day for the half and full marathon. Should be a good day despite whatever weather we get. After I finish the half, I will be going straight to the Beau’s beer garden.

Last week was the last week of decent training – but I only rain twice. The original plan was to run 3-4 times, but first I got that cold that was going around. I ran 16K on Wednesday. It was a bit of a broken up 16K. I ran 13.5K on my own along the Rideau River path, basing myself out of Vincent Massey Park. A lovely area to run. Then I met up with some Team Awesome members to film a segment for the marathon broadcast. I didn’t measure what we ran but we ran 50-100m at least 10 times. Then, to get to another location, a few of us ran to Hog’s Back, a 1K distance. Then I ran back to my car. In total, I probably ran a bit more than 16K, but it doesn’t matter.


Friday was supposed to be a 5K in the heat run, but school duties prevented me from getting out to run. I was supposed to go home for lunch in between schools (I had 2 hrs in between) when it was time for lunch, I couldn’t leave due to a school situation. When I finally left, I had 15 minutes to get to my second school. I ended up eating nothing for lunch and no lunch + heat = no go for running. It would have done more harm than good.

Saturday was my last longish run. I waited until 11am to go out and run 10K. It was 19C when I went out. I ran the 10K at near race pace. I ate a cookie right before and nearly lost that cookie about 3K in. I actually stopped running and walked for about 500m. Then I felt OK, but the heat wasn’t making me feel super awesome. I ran a negative split between the two 5Ks and felt no leg pain. Yay! I have noticed a bit of arch pain in my right foot because I wore my Toms, but it didn’t act up during my run at all.

I have one run left, an easy 5K on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, nothing until race day. I also will be cutting certain foods out by Thursday (limited dairy, no nuts/seeds, no high fiber foods). Not sure if that will actually help as my Race day GI system thing seems to be stress related, but I’m going to try. I’m also hoping the later start will ease things a bit.

Is training cycle has been one of the best half training I’ve done. I’ve gone above 18K 3x and also gone above 30K many times. I would have liked to have done one more 18K long run, but time ran out. I’m looking forward to a great race in Sunday and will hopefully PB.

Hope everyone has a great couple of days before race weekend! Don’t let the taper crazies get to you! 

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  1. Kristi@BlogforanAverageRunner

    I totally sympathize with the GI issues! For ATB I ate lots of white rice in the days before the race and had no problems, so will be trying that again this weekend. Fingers crossed!
    BTW I’ll be at the pace bunny booth on Friday from 3 to 5 and then wandering around. Might see you there!
    Kristi@BlogforanAverageRunner recently posted…Last Long Run Done for Ottawa Marathon Pace Bunny DutiesMy Profile


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