Army Run 5K/STWM Half Progress Report #2

Good Monday Morning!

Last week of summer vacation is here. I’m thinking about stopping in to one school today, but I will be at work tomorrow. Before I know it, I will be back wearing adult-clothes, teaching teens and spending my lunch breakĀ in the car. This week is already shaping up to be a busy one, so I’m trying to get my runs in as best as I can. I am planning on attending Run Ottawa’s Free 5K on Saturday. They run these 5K races one Sunday a month from April until October. This will be a tune-up/time trial 5K for me to gauge where I’m at. The following week is Ottawa Beer Run and after that is Army Run!

Training Last week:

I ended up moving my long run from Sunday to Monday. Monday was going to be a cold, cloudy day – so I moved my long run to take advantage of cooler conditions. It was 14C when I ran and it was perfect. I ran a pretty steady pace – averaging at 6:32/km which is where I need to be for my half. I’m hoping that the weather gets cooler soon as running in 10-18C weather is ideal. This humid weather is just not great for running.

I took Tuesday off running and ran a “speed session” on Wednesday. I had to run with Max so I’m not sure how beneficial it was. We ran to the local school track that is about 500m away from my house. I got 2 laps on the track in before Max wanted to go to the park. He was trying to keep up with me and it just wasn’t working. We went to the park instead and played “run around the park” where we each took turns running around for about 300m. Max thought that was more fun. But eventually it was time to go home. I ran only about 2.5K but honestly the soft track was not great for my shins. Unfortunately the Terry Fox Track is closed until September 9th (some work is being done), and I’m not sure I’m even returning to track this year (long story), so I’m going to have to find another track – or some other alternative.

Thursday I ran 6K at 6:05/km pace for a steady run. I’m hoping to increase my steady runs from the usual 5K to 6-8K. Nothing extraordinary during steady runs but I did manage to negative split almost every KM. The last KM wasn’t a negative split, but I do run up a hill that slows me down a bit. Friday was my 4K tempo day. I ran the tempo on two 2K loops so I could grab a quick drink at my house at the halfway point. It made all the difference. But silly me didn’t pause my Garmin when I stopped for 10 seconds to get a drink and then pressed pause when I left. I didn’t realize that I pressed pause until I was 400m down the road again. Opps! Garmin data does tell you the “total time” so I simply used my total time to figure out that I was able to keep my 5:45 tempo pace during the run.

Saturday was a rest day, with Sunday being planned for another long run. Sunday morning came and P wanted to go for a bike ride. I thought that it would be cloudy and raining by 10am or so, so I said sure. Then Max wanted to go for a bike ride, so that turned into all of us going for a bike ride. By the time we got back (Max biked probably 6 KM), it was noon. I left the house, saw that the sun was out and took off to at least see if I could run my planned 14K. Not even 1K in, I was already feeling the heat and my legs were just not having any of it. I ran 5K and called it a day. It just wasn’t worth it. I might try and run a long run today/tonight as it seems to be a bit cooler today. The shaded parts of my running route were nice, but there isn’t much shade on the path.






I’m finally feeling a bit faster this week. I’m hoping to get a little bit faster for Army Run, but we shall see. This week should be interesting in terms of time, but I should be back to my regular running routine next week!

Have a great Monday!


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