Winter Running Update #2

Another successful week of running is in the books! I’ve actually been enjoying this year’s version of winter running. I am not a fan of the -20C and below temperatures and this winter has had significantly less frigid days than other years. Remember that even in November, I was still running in shorts! Looking at the long range forecast for Ottawa, there isn’t a -20C night temperature in sight. However, we have had a decent amount of snow, which has been problematic. I’ve been learning to deal with it though and honestly it hasn’t been so bad. Sometimes running on hard packed snow is fun. The snow has melted on my street and also melted enough on the sides of the road that I’ve been able to safely venture out into the main road for about 200m. Of course, snow is in the forecast for Monday/Tuesday, so once again the roads and sidewalks will be covered. Funny thing is that I was worried when moving to the country about the road conditions, but it turns out that my 1-mile road is better than most streets in the city.

I am still trucking along with the Run Ottawa Run Streak. I did miss Monday, which was the day after the Richmond Road Races. I knew my left leg was fairly tight, and as I mentioned in my race recap, I felt the left calf go a bit during the race. Monday it was achy, so I took the day off. I went to my PT on Tuesday and since then my left leg hasn’t been a problem. I’ve booked a few appointments for the next few weeks to keep things manageable. This also means I should really focus on strength training.

In terms of running, I’ve had some great runs this week. I’m still averaging about 20KM a week. This is base building time, with half marathon training really starting next week. But even looking at the plan I’m following, it is still pretty easy for the first few weeks. If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know I tend to run a 12-week or less half marathon plan. This year, I’m starting at 18 weeks and seeing where that takes me. The KM and pacings for a sub-2:00 half marathon seem very reasonable and something I can manage. As always, the long run is what I will struggle with the most. I’m also toying with the idea about signing up for the Mississauga Half again. The downhill course and the start being 3K from my parent’s house is a major draw. I also know that the weather for Ottawa Race Weekend can be unpredictable. We shall see!

I’ve been running slightly faster lately too. My other goal is to get my 5K and 10K PBs down and the only way I can do that is to start running faster again. I’m hoping to re-introduce speed work in about 2 weeks time. It is not going to be busy to go sub 2:00 for the half or back under 25 for the 5K. From what everyone has been saying – I need to run more. That is why I think the Run Streak has been good for me. Although I’m not running a ton of KM, I am running regularly. Right now, I’m trying to run a long run, tempo run, hills (there is a huge one by my school!) and progressive run in addition to the steady runs. Any of my 1 mile run days during the run streak have been very slow. I am looking forward to spring running. I will need to run some of my long runs in other places. 20KM on my 1 mile loop road or on the treadmill just won’t do!

How about you? What are you training for? How do you like winter running? 

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  1. mom

    Free babysitting, food and accomodation.
    Why not Mississauga Race!!!!

  2. Lisa @ Lisa 3D

    Great job getting out there and running in the winter! That takes some real motivation!
    Lisa @ Lisa 3D recently posted…One Week One Palette | Weeks 1 and 2My Profile

  3. Dan Chabert

    I agree with the statement above. Especially when you’re in Canada.
    Dan Chabert recently posted…A Review of Feetures Ultra Light Cushioned SocksMy Profile


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