Winter Training Update #3

Happy Tuesday!!

Today is the last day of semester one. An exam this morning and then I’m back at the school board to get my online course ready to go. I will be continuing my “go to two schools a day” routine but my PM school is now less than 5 minutes by car away. Odds are, I will end up running back and forth soon!

Last week was the last full week of the 2017 Run Ottawa Run Streak. I am continuing the streak and if I run my 1 miler today, I will have only missed one day of the streak. I finally got in to see my RMT last week, and we are starting to target my back/shoulders. I’m all twisted and uneven – something that has been going on for some time and results in some shoulder pain when I’m working on my computer. Who knows, it could be why I favour my right side too…

Last weeks runs included:

Monday – 1 mile

Tuesday – 3K

Wednesday – 3K

Thursday – 3.2K Speed Workout

Friday – 1 mile

Saturday – 7K Long Run

Sunday – 1 mile

I’ve realized that if I’m going to continue with running at least 5x a week, I’m going to need to write down what I’ve done. I do use Daily Mile to track every single run: outside, track and treadmill but I tend to forget what pace I’ve run at or if I’ve done anything else. At least this time I have my instagram photos to glance at.

Monday I managed to run in the morning as my commute was only 20 minutes. I can see the draw of morning running as when I got home, I had more time and even forgot that I had run in the morning. Unfortunately, getting up before 5:30am is a struggle!

Tuesday and Wednesday were 3K runs. One on the treadmill and one outside. The 3K outside was done at tempo pace – but a new tempo pace of 5:20/km. I am gradually getting my paces faster. Ideally for 5K running season, I would like to get those tempo runs down to the 5:10 range. 

Speaking of getting faster, the only way I am able to PB the 5K is by doing speedwork on the track. It is a bit of a challenge to find track time in the winter in Ottawa – but on Thursday, I stayed after practice for an hour to run 4×400 with 800m for both warm up and cool down. I managed to run all four 400m at 1:40, which isn’t bad. Last year when I was running my 400s, they seemed to be a bit on the slower side (1:50ish if I can remember). I would like to see those 400s go into the 1:30s, but I also have to be mindful not to go too fast. I love my speed and have a bad habit of running those laps faster than I should.

Friday was a one mile recovery run. I’m glad that the Run Streak is almost over because I do need to take a rest day after running fast. Saturday was my long run day and this time it had to be done on the treadmill. For the first few weeks of half marathon training, my long runs are at 7K, which isn’t really a “long run”. Therefore they are a bit easier and take less than an hour. I am going back to my 10 minutes running, 1 minute walking routine for long runs to force my pace slower. On the treadmill, I just run a mile and then walk for a minute. As always, the first mile on the treadmill sucks, but soon it became easy. Sunday was a simple one mile run with some stability work.

All in all, it was a good week. This week is shaping up to be more of a treadmill/easy week. I’m pretty busy for the first few days and will only be able to run 1 milers for the beginning of the week. It is also a bit chilly out with ice everywhere again, so if I do go outside, it will be slow.

How did your training go this week?

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