Game On! Ottawa Race Weekend Training Update

Less than 5 weeks to go before Ottawa Race Weekend!

With that news – it means that we are getting into serious training. For those training for the marathon, a number have started those 30KM+ long runs. It has been great seeing some first time marathon runners break through that barrier. For us half-marathoners, we are now into a bunch of ‘longer’ long runs. I ran 16KM on Sunday and now have three weeks of 18-20KM long runs on the agenda.

This weekend’s long run was a test of how my left leg would hold up. If I couldn’t get through 16KM, I was going to change my race to the 10K. I went to my RMT and PT last week and they really worked out my left leg issues so I felt confident that I would be fine. What I had to also change was my running location. I generally run my 1 mile loop, plus a bit on the main rural roads. Unlike city running, I have to run on one side of the road (facing traffic) so I can be aware of cars. Cars on my rural roads usually are driving around 100 km/hr, if not faster in some cases. The shoulder is not flat, and is slanted towards the drainage ditch. Because my left leg is always on that lower part of the road, it became jammed. Fairly common running problem. So I am no longer running out on the main rural road. I cannot run 10 loops of my street without being bored to tears, so now I’m running in Stittsville.

I’ve been running on the Great Canadian Trail. The trail actually runs fairly close to my house (around 3K away) but I like the convenience of parking at the local rec centre where I can stash my water bottle in my car and have access to a washroom. The trail that runs through Stittsville is part of an old railway line that has been converted to a recreational trail. It is fairly straight, wide enough for bikes, runners and walkers and is fairly flat. You can go all the way to Gatineau Park from Kanata using the trail. Odds are, if you are an Ottawa Runner, you’ve run on the trail before!

I ran on the trail both Saturday and Sunday. Max had a birthday party on Saturday, so while he was filling his tummy with pizza and cake, I ran 6K on the trail. I went back on Sunday for 16K. I ended up doing 4K loops on the trail, leaving my water bottle in the car. Bonus that the weather was gorgeous too. I wore shorts and a t-shirt! Without any major problems, I was able to run 16K at a decent pace. Since then, my rear-issues have not really bothered me.

As I mentioned in my last training post, work and coaching has taken up a large portion of my time. Luckily, coaching does require me to run at some practices, but I do not go over 5K in practice. This current week is the first week in awhile where I’ve managed to run 5x during the week. I’m pretty certain that this will be the last time I attempt to run a half marathon during track season. There is only so much time in the day!

The next few weeks will be busy. I’m at a track meet at least once a week from now until June. School is gearing up for exams, which means lots of marking and following up with students/parents. May is also my favourite teaching time as it is job search season (yes, I am using my sarcastic voice). Less stressful this year as I do have a job for next year and my timetable is a good one. However, I would like to be closer to home. May officially arrives on Monday and I have no doubt that the month is going to FLY by.


Have a great Friday!!

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