Less than 50 days to Go – Time to Get Serious

Like many runner-bloggers who have kids and jobs, I’ve been slacking in the blog department for the past couple of weeks. There comes a time when one makes a choice – blog all the time with less than favorable content or blog less frequently and actually take the time to write better content. As always, spring seems to be a busy time for me. Track and Field season is here and as of last week, I’m working full time until the end of the year.

The working full time was a bit unexpected. I have not worked full-time for almost a year and a half. Even that last time that I was full time was only for a brief period – I haven’t worked a full semester-full time since spring of 2013. Although I was part time “not by choice”, I grew to like my part time status, I had more time to arrange my track team, was easily available for Max and had ample time to run. There were some days that I would be done work by 10:30am. Remember that one time when I was training for NYC in 2014 and I ran 26K in the blazing heat because I had time after work? Unfortunately, those days are gone and now I’m trying to fit in half marathon training with working full time and spending around 2 hours on the road commuting to work. Luckily, Max being older and owning a treadmill helps with the time crunch.

Despite all of that, training has been going fairly well. I did toy with the idea of switching from the Ottawa half marathon to the 10K last week, but I’ve decided to stick with the half marathon to see what can happen with 20 weeks of training compared to my usual 8. I’ve continued to track my progress using my Moleskin notebook.  Looking back at the fall, I was running only 3x a week on average with only a handful of long runs. This cycle, I’ve been running no less than 4x a week and will be running my first 10 miler/16KM run this weekend, 7 weeks out from Ottawa Race Weekend. I wrote the first part of the post late last week. I only ran 3x this week and cancelled my long run (more below).  Regardless, I’ve been doing much better with my running. I am not an early morning runner (yet). I’m already up at 5:20am and at least 2x a week, I’m out of the house by 6:30am to get to school in time for track. I also don’t think the rest of the house wants to hear my treadmill going that early and I’m not comfortable running in my neighbourhood in the dark. Give it a few more weeks and I’m hoping the sun is out when I wake up. I’ve also been running with the track team – and if they don’t run far enough, I run a bit more later! I’m trying to get into the habit of running at lunch time when I have a longer lunch.

Speaking of lunch – I’m trying my best to eat better. I’ve been eating baked breakfast goods from Run Fast, Eat Slow, accompanied by some probiotic yoghurt. I am drinking water throughout the day and eating more salads. I’m going to be extra serious with the days leading up to the half marathon so I can try and avoid GI issues. No matter how much I love tacos and burrito bowls – I am strictly forbidden from eating (inhaling?) my favorite foods the few days before the big race.

So about my cancelled long run. In my attempt to correct my cross over gait and use my glutes more, I have angered my glute med or my piriformis. I noticed it on Wednesday when I went for an evening run. I did not run Thursday/Friday as I knew I wanted to save my mileage allowance to run 8K and 16K on the weekend, but I felt like my butt “went weird”. On Saturday, I didn’t really have a problem running 8K but later that pain in the butt came back. I tried stretches, rolling and heat – but ultimately decided to forget my long run for this week. I have lots of run to be ready for Ottawa Race Weekend or Mississauga (if I decide to go down for the race for a fun long run). What I need to try to do this week is see my RMT. Not sure I will have time to see my PT as she books up fast. Hopefully a few days of rest will do my bum good. The weather is finally turning around and I think I’m more upset that I missed a shorts-wearing run more than anything.

Hopefully everyone else’s training is going well!

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  1. Lynda Turner

    I look forward to your blogs… nice to relate to somebody else trying to fit in their fitness goals while balancing all the other demands of life.

    All the best that you can get it all done!


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