That week didn’t go as Planned – #runottawa2017

Remind me next year to never do this again….


I had great plans at the beginning of the week to get to 40KM and run a 20KM long run at the end of the week. But, as predicted , track coaching got in the way and I feel short on my weekly mileage and had to shorten my long run. That and I also developed a wicked head cold. This week went by really quickly and the next two weeks are equally as busy. I think next spring I have to decide: track or a spring half. My schedule just doesn’t allow for both. Yes, I know I have a treadmill – but at the end of the day I am too tired to run and I need all the sleep I can get. I’m currently waking up at 5:20am and will not be waking up any earlier than that.

I did manage to run 5x this week. Earlier in the week on Tuesday, it was a quick 2 looper (3KM) around my house after coaching. Wednesday is when I felt a cold coming on and I spent 10 hours at the track (probably did at least 20,000 steps!). Thursday, I managed to run a little bit before track practice. Friday, I had another track practice and ran 10x the big hill at Mooney’s Bay with the track team, with some warm-up/cool-down KMs. Saturday was a failed attempt at a treadmill run. I got 2.75KM in and called it a day. My head was not feeling it.

Then it was time for long run Sunday. I had 20KM planned, but with a lingering cold, I knew that if I started to not feel good, I would stop. I run my long runs in Stittsville – running 4.5KM loops so that I can leave my water in my car/not have to carry anything with me. The first two loops were not the greatest. At 9KM in, I decided that I would make it to 16KM and go back home. My nose was congested, which meant I was not breathing properly. I almost made it another long run without GI issues – but at the start of my last 3K short-loop, I had to turn around and use the facilities. Apparently brussel sprouts were not a good call for dinner the night before a long run. #TMI and #KeepingitReal. Eliminating seeds from my diet has helped though – other than Sunday, no GI issues this week! 

I’m a little disappointed that I did not run 20KM this week – but I’ve run 16KMx2 and 18KMx2 – I know I have the ability to run a really good half in two weeks. That long run with a head cold definitely felt like a 20KM run. This week I plan on running at least two 10KM runs – including at least one in the heat on Thursday (27C, what?!). I might try to run as far as I can on Thursday as I have some time between a track meet and track practice. I’m hoping that my pool heater will be on after Thursday so I can go for a swim. Right now the pool is perfect for an ice bath 

I am very worried that race weekend is going to feature hot/humid weather. I cannot recall if I’ve run in a tank top yet this spring. Last week, I was in my long tights again! Most of my long runs have been in my capri tights, Tiux compression socks and a long sleeved shirt. All of my longer long runs have been in overcast, rainy conditions. It even snowed last Monday! It will be crucial to get out running on Wednesday/Thursday when it is hot outside.

Overall – I’m not worried about finishing the half. I should be able to get a PB as long as I don’t have any washroom breaks along the way. This was a long training cycle for me and this time I have run tempo runs, hills and many long runs. Can’t wait for Ottawa Race Weekend!

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