Marathon Training Update #1

Happy Monday!

Although it seems like I just started the training cycle yesterday – I am finished three weeks of marathon training for the Ottawa Marathon. Week 4 starts the more fun part of training with long runs going into the double digits and weekly totals going above 30KM. I tend to have more issues once I approach the 30KM park – so *fingers crossed* that everything continues going smoothly. So far this training cycle has been going well *knocks on wood*. A few things that I have been doing a bit differently are:

  • Only running 4x a week: Usually marathon training is a 5-6 run per week schedule, but I’ve reduced the runs to 4x a week with my usual 5K tempo/steady runs being adjusted to 6K. In about two weeks, my 3x6K runs will be 2x6K with an 8-10K run completed on Thursdays. So far the legs are happy!
  • Running slow: If you follow me on Strava, you may have noticed that my run times have been rather slow. This is on purpose to not make the legs angry and to concentre on distance not speed. The long run I completed yesterday was a little fast but it was hard to not run fast when for the first time in weeks you encountered zero snow/icy sidewalks!
  • Running at lunch: One of my runs per week is done during my lunch time. Although I work full-time, my PM schedule is spent working in front of the computer (I teach one class online) which means that I can break for 40 minutes and run a 6K.
  • Eating better: also because of my PM schedule, I am eating significantly more veggies at lunch and that seems to be helping. I’ve also reduced my gluten-laden products as well and seeing some improvements.
  • (I did not make those foods – culinary program to thank for my perfect lunches)

So far, winter running has been kicking my butt. It is so difficult to run on snowy roads and even more difficult to not be bored when you are stuck running on 1K loops (my street is an icy-mess in the front part of the 1-mile loop). I ran my 7K and 8K runs while it was snowing and with my street completely covered in snow – talk about a loooong, slooow run.

This past Sunday I ran in 1C weather with completely clear paths/sidewalks and I had to “speed-check” myself so many times because I kept dipping below 6:00/km (a bit No-No for my long run plan). Such a gorgeous day out though!

So far my 4x a week plan is definitely workable with my schedule. I’m hoping for a successful training plan that results in a pretty big PB but in reality, all I have to do is get to the start-line healthy with zero GI-issues and I will smash that NYC marathon time.

Speaking of the NYC Marathon – Who entered the lottery?!?!

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