Marathon Training Update – 1/3 Done!

Happy Monday!

It is March Break – which means 10 days of sweatpants and the ability of doing other things than editing photos, teaching, making videos, and creating a 200 page yearbook (which is due in 5 weeks….)

Training for the Ottawa Marathon is officially 1/3 done. That first part of training is pretty easy but now the real work begins. I had a great couple of weeks where I ran all of my runs and felt great. I am crossing my fingers, knocking on wood and really hoping it stays that way. It seems that the running 4 days a week is really helping keeping my legs fresh and not hurting. I ran 16KM yesterday without feeling anything from my post-tib or general shins area.

That is pretty good! I did run all of my runs – but I wasn’t paying attention to when I was supposed to increase one of my mid-week runs to 8K. Of course all of this happened when P was away and I was running mainly during my lunch at school, where I really only take 40 minutes to run (which makes running 8K next to impossible). I did go up to 7K last week, but this week was just too busy with after-school events (or crappy weather) to transition one of my after school runs to 8K. I even had to switch my long run to a Thursday last week so I could not have to run 14K on the weekend when I was alone with Max. But the main thing is that I still ran 4x a week.

I did notice that on the top of both my feet I have a bit of a bone spur appearing. At least that is what I think is happening. The bone spur bumps get a bit irritated with the top of my running shoes but does not really hurt while running. I more noticed it when I switched shoes to my ‘indoor’ running shoes after running outside. It is time for a change in running shoes too I think. I’m currently long running/snow running in my Brooks Ravennas and running short, dry runs in my Brooks Pure Cadences. I think the Pure Cadences are going to be rotated out for marathon training and I will get another pair of Ravennas. They are really working for me right now.

The increase of the long runs to the 18KM+ range also means it is time to break out the nutrition. I was given a few samples of nutrition products thanks to being part of the Canada Army Run Frontline Team and so far, so good. But, yesterday I ran 16K in downtown Ottawa which was a treat. Unfortunately this meant that I was not running my usual loops that end at my car which would have my water bottle. I did sip some water at the Museum of History (which is where the boys were at) but I did not drink enough. I also had a few adult beverages the night before and both the lack of water and adult beverages = dehydrated me. Despite all that, I had a great run but I felt like crap afterwards. Lesson Learned!

That 16KM run was great. It was just over 1C and the paths were mostly cleared with snow. I ran up the Alexandra Bridge (aka the bridge you run up during Ottawa distance races) and to the 417 using the Rideau Path then all the way back. Then I ran to the other bridge (don’t know what it is called) to the Supreme Court and back. Then one more final run up the Alexandra bridge to Parliament Hill and back. All with all that running on that bridge – Why do we not go the opposite way during races? It is a sweet 1 KM of downhill fun. So I guess I did run some hills yesterday 😉 Because I had my phone on me and I was in safe areas – I was able to run with music. What a treat!

Overall, marathon training is really manageable right now. I’m hoping to continue running slower than normal (I did run that long run way too fast yesterday) and continue eating better. Those big long runs are coming up but luckily I only have 8 more big long runs left. I can do this!

Have a great day!

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  1. Kristi

    I ran downtown yesterday too! The change of scenery was awesome. Let me know if you want to do a long run together sometime. I’m up to 30k because of Cornwall marathon but could always run part of it together.

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      The next twelve weekends are going to be interesting with birthday parties and play dates for Max but I know I’m going to be running 22K on Easter Monday – shouldn’t have any issues with timing as Paul and Max are off and apparently I’m a driver for the robotics team that weekend so I’m definitely going to be “owed one” (and why my long run will be on a Monday)


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