Last Thoughts before Ottawa Marathon 2018

For months it seems like marathon day will never arrive and training will never end, yet on race week we seem to be surprised about how fast the weeks ticked by. This Sunday I will (hopefully) complete my 2nd marathon….finally! I’ve attempted to train for STWM and the Ottawa Marathon before but always seemed to get an injury with 6 weeks to go.  This time I’ve made it through training with only a few niggly pains. Everything should go well and I should be able to finish the marathon.  But what time am I aiming for? I have no idea….

The race weather is not looking ideal for Sunday. The weather is changing constantly and I honestly don’t think we will really know what the weather will be like on Sunday until the morning of. As of right now it seems like it will be slightly humid with chance of thunderstorms. BUT – knowing Ottawa weather, that could really mean a day full of sun until some random thunderstorms arrive later in the PM. I would rather take rain than humid/hot conditions but I’m not liking potential downpours. It will be whatever it will be and at least we know we will not have Boston 2018 weather 😉

I’m currently in the process of carb-loading. I think I finally learned that I need to really watch my fueling before a race and ensure that I eat enough in the days before the race and while running. But I’m being cautious with what I eat so I do not have a repeat of the last marathon and spending 40 minutes in the portapotties. I have my Saturday and Sunday AM food figured out so *fingers crossed* that I continue with my non GI-issue luck that I’ve been having. But don’t worry, I have Imodium on hand just in case.

I am unsure what pace I will be running on Sunday. I know that I am not trained enough for a 4:30 marathon although I’m sure I am more than capable of running it. I think missing one key long run (28K) and not really getting those 10K runs in during the week will equal a conservative marathon pace, not a huge PB pace. I’m thinking I am more than capable of running a sub 4:40 but that will depend on the weather. I have not run a single long run in a tank top yet and I have not run single run in humidity. If we do get humidity, it will be interesting! But part of me is thinking that it would be fun to run in the 5:00 pace group with Kristi and a few other runners I know. Kristi and I ran that pace for our 32K and it was very comfortable. I might even run the first half with them and then take off after. Or the first 5K for a nice slow start. Or the first 10K

Clearly I have no plan…..

Except have fun and hopefully adding a new PB to my list!

If you are running on Saturday or Sunday – good luck! Also good luck to all those running races elsewhere, including the Calgary Marathon!

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