When you fuel properly….

Less than three weeks to go before marathon day and I learned an important lesson in the span of one week:

I need to fuel properly

This is nothing new and pretty obvious but the difference between two long runs (30K and 32K) comes down to one major key element when training for a marathon – you need to eat to not hit the wall. I hit the wall pretty bad in my 30KM run last week. Once I hit 22KM, I lost so much energy and struggled to finish the last 8K.

This past weekend, I participated in the Running Room Kanata to Bank Street 32KM long run. The Running Room always has free run clinics on Wednesday and Sundays but the last big long run before Ottawa Race Weekend is a special one. For a fairly low cost – you are bussed to the start or back to the finish, receive a mug and have epic snack tables for your 32KM run. You also get to run with people – which for some of us is a bit of a treat! My running friend Kristi and I ran together – which was a good thing because we seemed to be in the middle of the two big groups. One group was a bit too fast for us and the other group was a bit too slow. So we ran by ourself. The run support was fantastic and I highly recommend that you sign up if you are planning on running the Ottawa Marathon next year!

This last week was a bit more of a taper with only 3 runs. My right leg is still bothering me a bit so I’m really trying to balance rest + keeping up with some training. I ran a relatively easy 16KM around the Toronto Waterfront on Saturday. What a gorgeous day to run – and I really hope that the same weather (15C and Sunny) will be the weather on race day! I ran out of time to run the planned 21K – but I knew I had lots of energy left.

This week’s plan is to run three 10K’s and probably call it a day. I have a physio appointment on Wednesday and will go for my last one on Saturday. I don’t plan on running much the last week. I will probably just go on the bike. For the first time in a long time – I will not be at the races on the Saturday of Race Day. I will be at the Expo on Friday at the iRun Magazine booth and that will be the extent of my Race Weekend Participation. Saturday will be all about relaxing (after swimming lessons and grocery shopping – haha…). And eating – do not forget about the eating! Chicken and Rice that is 🙁

I cannot wait to race again!

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