A Short Trip to Las Vegas

I’ve never taken a last minute trip before. Usually to take advantage of cheaper flights and to ensure the right flight time, we book trip months in advance. Since Cuba in 2010, we haven’t really been anywhere by plane except for California, which we do plan months in advance and since we have done that trip so many times, it is pretty chill planning.  About a week and a half ago, P was asked if he wanted the 4th seat in a drive across the United States in a $450 vehicle, heading to Las Vegas. After debating for a few days, we decided at the last minute (8:30am) for P to go (at 11:30am). In the mix of packing, we decided to #YOLO (is that the right term?) and for Max and myself to fly down on the weekend. I booked a flight a few hours later and bright at early Saturday we were on our way.

We couldn’t stay very long, so the trip was really quick. We did as much as we could – but honestly another trip back might be necessary. We basically only visited the Strip but saw quite a bit of it including:

  • Mirage Hotel/Volcano
  • Bellagio Fountains (tried to get into the buffet, but it was an hour wait)
  • The High Roller Ferris Wheel
  • Linc Promanade
  • New York, New York Hotel
  • Mandalay Bay Shark Reef
  • Venetian Shoppes
  • Caesar’s Palace
  • For food we stopped at some of our favourites including The Cheesecake Factory and In N Out Burger. But we also tried Shake Shack, Flour and Barley Pizza (yummy!!) and the Mirage Buffet (never again). The hotel had a great little breakfast place (that had a line up every morning) and I tried Chicken and Waffles. Delish!

    Our trip was short, but we did have lots of fun in Vegas. It was hot so one afternoon was spent entirely in the pool. There were some things I did not enjoy about Vegas which included the high prices of everything (which is typical of tourist areas) and how long it took to get anywhere. I’m too used to jumping on a subway and getting from point A to point B in a jiffy. Also, fun note – I didn’t gamble at all. I just wasn’t interested and would rather buy another cheeseburger.

    I noted in one of my last blog posts that we were not going to Southern California this year. Las Vegas is only about 4 hours away from the area we go too – so I got *a bit* of the Southern US experience (the desert part) – I am still wanting the beach though!

    Have you ever visited Las Vegas?

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