Summer is Winding Down

I should probably be saying that I’m surprised that it is August 20th already, but I’m not surprised at all that the summer has flown by. It always has and always will. It probably doesn’t help that I teach Summer School which is about 4 weeks of rush, rush, rush. After Summer School, we tend to have lots of events, trips and other busy things that makes August seem like it is over in a blink of an eye. This is our last week of vacation as we all will head back to school next week (Max goes to his school for “camp” and P and I will be setting up our classrooms).

Although I said that we wouldn’t be ‘travelling’ this summer – we somehow did manage to travel. During the end of July/August we went to

  • Las Vegas
  • Waterloo
  • Montreal
  • St Catherines
  • Bon Echo Campground

Lots of hotel trips and for awhile having my carry-on suitcase upstairs because why put it away?

The hotel in St Catherines was a cool non-chain boutique hotel. The room was massive with high ceilings. Even though there was a wedding going on downstairs, we couldn’t hear a thing. We stayed at the Sheraton in Montreal and had a great time there too. The hotel made Max a “VIP” for the night and allowed him to watch a pay per view movie free of charge and brought up a snack table for him – P and Max were just chilling in the hotel while I went to see Smashing Pumpkins (more on that in a minute).

When we were coming back from St. Catherines, we skipped across the border to do a little shopping at Trader Joes and Target. Interesting enough, it was faster to drive through the state of NY to get home than going back to Ontario – so we did just that.

As mentioned above, I did go to the Smashing Pumpkins concert in Montreal. The 30th anniversary show is different from any show they have put on before. Their set-list was almost entirely music from the first 10 years, skipping the last 2-3 albums entirely. They played for 3 hours – which is impressive given that all the members of the original band are over 50. The show was accompanied by impressive visuals designed by the band/Linda Strawberry. It was almost a Broadway Show in a way. I really enjoyed it. I tend to see the Smashing Pumpkins every 10 years. I saw them in 1998, 2008 and now 2018.

My favourite was that WPC posted one of my instagram stories on his stories

Running has picked up steam heading towards the end of August. It is half marathon season and training is in full swing. I started back running at the end of July after taking about a week off to travel. Since then, I’ve been running 5x a week with a few runs focusing on Heart Rate zones rather than pace. Most of my running right now is at slower paces that I usually run and it is working in terms of keeping my legs happy as I move from running 4x a week to 5. During the Ottawa Marathon season, I only ran 4x a week so this is a bit of a change. At first I was training without a plan because I kind of already know how to prepare for a half – but when looking back at my training in the first few weeks, I realized I was running the Running Room Half Marathon plan and have since dedicated to training their Half Marathon plan for Goal Time of 2:00. I’m registered for The Army Run Commander’s Challenge (5K and Half Marathon) and 9 Run Run (Half Marathon). The goal race is 9 Run Run and we will see if I can finally run a sub 2 half marathon.

How has your summer been?

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