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September flew by and now we are into October. October does mean cooler temperatures, harvest season and the true start of Fall Racing season. Last weekend I did run Army Run – but it was never intended to be a goal race as the weather is always hit or miss. This year’s weather was an absolute hit – so I went for a small personal best but I didn’t push the pace as I have my true goal races in the upcoming weeks.

I am by no means a high mileage runner. In fact, I’m a low mileage runner that struggles to run more than 4x a week. I am not getting up at 4am to run (yet) and I’m honestly pretty busy. This half marathon training cycle has been a bit different with runs happening 5x a week with the exception of two weeks (one being too darn hot and the other with me being sick). September mileage topped up at 165KM – which is the most I’ve ever run in a month. It still might be low for some, but for me (especially in a half training cycle) that is quite a bit of running. I’ve noticed that long runs are easier and that other than the last 4KM of the Army Run Half – running a half marathon seems a bit easier too. I’m hoping to continue with the idea of running more into the winter when I start training for Around the Bay and the Ottawa Marathon. I definitely have goals for those races and running a minimum mileage plan will just not work.

It is still a stretch on some days to get a run in. Sleep is a priority for me and waking up early in the morning isn’t going to happen easily. It might happen more in the winter when I start using the treadmill again. I do not run in my neighbourhood at night (coyotes, Fischer’s and bears – oh my!). But really – I do need sleep. Lunch and after school are what is happening now – but I’m busy almost every day after school. It is easier now that Max is older and I’m sure that it will continue to become easier – especially once Max hits middle school.

So the big upcoming race is 9 Run Run – which is a race in Stittsville. The start line is 12 minutes from my house – which means sleeping in is possible and lots of time for all those pre-race activities. I’m hoping that I can finally pull off the sub-2:00 but of course I have doubts. I definitely can run that particular pace for 10-15KM – its beyond 15KM that worries me. We will see what happens and it looks like many running friends are running the race. I will be happy with anything below 2:05 – but I will be going for that 2:00.

The next race I plan on running is another Stittsville Race. There is a small race out of the local French High School, Paul Desmarais. Cookie Run was a possibility but when given the choice of a race 10 minutes away vs. 35 minutes, I’m going to choose the closer one. I am planning on running the 10KM race and will be attempting the 10K PB. Then – nothing until 2018!

I hope to see some of you at the races!

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